Three peerless books that cannot be copied, set not to take the ordinary road, with the strength of the circle of millions of powder

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Masters of Mystery by: Squid guns, cannons, ships, aircrafts, difference engines for diving;Potions, divinations, curses, inverted hangers, seals…This is a “fool” legend.Highlights: On a stormy sea, an old three-masted schooners bobbed and bobbed with the waves.It was neither fast nor large enough, and seemed to depart from the dead leaves of a tree in the scene of disaster that merged it with the sea, but despite the fury of the hurricane and the terror of the waves, it sailed without listing.Alger Wilson stood on the open deck, looking out at the towering waves around him, wondering what he was thinking.”It’s Monday again…”He uttered a silent whisper.It was the day of mother Earth, the beginning of a new wave of prosperity and decay.But for Alger, it meant something else, belonging to a mysterious being forever shrouded in gray mist.The author of Ace in the Hole: Every arcade game you know has become a prerequisite for survival!One day, you might walk down the stairs and stumble into this arcade nightmare.When Fang Lin saw the man standing there, he seemed to be motionless, but all of a sudden, he turned into a ball and rolled towards him with an unimaginable degree!Only the wind blows on the face, is raw pain!”Crash!The stone wall was broken with such violence!Fang Lin is the man of decision, immediately wake up to the past, this man’s previous dull, must be looking at the task of the nightmare mark!And his mission, most likely, is to kill himself!And his skill was so swift and fierce that it must now be hard to match, so he did not hesitate to sell the fine silver ornament that he had prepared long ago in the course of his flight!Task 1 completion condition activated!I still remember the boy lang of the white horse silver gun, the river’s lake of those happy and enmity, the battlefield of those swords, that a life and death, that a gun that never rusts, that a scholar unparalleled.Dr. Stanley took his leave, and Inspector Xue and his son escorted him back to the clinic. The neighbors in the yard went home to sleep. As Dr. Chen reached the door, a heavy bundle dropped from the sky with a loud clattering sound.”Who!”Chen Zi Kun looked up.There was a rustling of tiles, as if wild cats were passing on the roof.When he picked up the bundle, he saw that it was all white and full of ocean, and at once he thought of the tray the Mare had given him.”Thanks, friend!Chen Zi kun threw a fist into the sky and said loudly.