They don’t rely on anyone’s horoscope, they are independent and strong, and they understand that it’s better to rely on themselves than to ask for help

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As the old saying goes: asking for a man is like swallowing a sword of three feet, and relying on a man is as high as heaven.[xin] I’m sure you’ve all had the experience of asking for help, but it must have been an unpleasant experience.After all, we need to look at the face of others, and at that time, we have to, helpless, will let us have a deep sense of powerlessness.And even asking for help is not guaranteed.There are always people who depend on others for their life and future, always asking for their help.But that kind of life, after all, can not grasp their own, always be coerced by others.Because of this, only independent, can be truly strong.It is better to seek others than to seek oneself. Today we will talk about those signs that will never depend on anyone, always on their own.Capricorn + rising Leo in the twelve signs, whether it is Capricorn or Leo are very strong self-esteem, quite a backbone of the sign.The sun signs and the rising signs are very important to each of us.It’s not just our inner strength, it’s our mask.So when a person’s sun sets in Capricorn and rises in Leo, their self-esteem is quite strong and they are not willing to beg for help from others humbly.When the sun sets in Capricorn, people tend to look taller and colder.They have a strong sense of crisis and are always suspicious of human nature.Because of this, they have been diligent and down-to-earth, in order to make themselves stronger, so that their ability to resist risks higher.While those who rise to Leo like to show off, they also have higher self-esteem and do not want to be looked down upon.With the sun Capricorn, they will be especially energetic, especially on the ground.They understand that it is better to ask for others than themselves, so they are always trying to improve themselves.They only believe in themselves and never place their hopes on others.So this kind of person, whether successful or not, their heart is quite strong, very independent, very self-improvement.Aquarius + Ascendant Aquarius When both the sun and the ascendant are in Aquarius, this is a sign of a very independent and lucid person.This kind of person always seems to stay out of the world and doesn’t get too involved in other people’s lives.But at the same time, they don’t ask for too much help.People who are alienated by the sun setting in Aquarius, and those who are rising in Aquarius, make their dusty temperament even more outstanding.This kind of person is particularly reluctant to owe others favors, or even to have too much friendship with others.For them, interpersonal relationships only get in the way.What’s more, they also understand that there are no permanent friends and lovers in this world, all the relationships are based on themselves.For this reason, you rarely see Aquarius asking for help.Even if they can’t solve it, they don’t go down on their knees and beg.Not to mention having them pin their hopes on someone else.Aquarius is one of those people who live very lucid and thorough lives.For many others do not open, do not understand the problem, they can always see the essence of the point.So they understand that all relationships are just appearances.The only person you can really rely on is yourself.Conclusion: Most people are confined to a variety of interpersonal relationships, but there are many people who put their life on their lovers, relatives.But in essence, this life is all about the intercourse and cultivation of oneself and one’s heart.If you can understand yourself, this life is truly worthwhile.So my friends, lower your expectations of others and increase your enthusiasm for yourself is the only way to live a happy life.