Shuangpai County: to carry out research on safety production in the transportation industry

2022-05-03 0 By

Rednet moment February 20 – (reporter Jiang Bo Zhou Zhiqiang) February 19, Shuangpai County Committee standing Committee, county government deputy county head Cao Zhiyuan led the county Transportation Bureau, county road construction and maintenance center, county public Security Bureau traffic police brigade and other relevant departments responsible for the investigation of county transportation enterprises safety production work,Organized and held the county transportation safety production professional committee first quarter work scheduling meeting.Cao zhiyuan called on the government to tighten production safety at all times, strengthen on-duty duty, improve emergency plans, strictly implement road passenger transport, water transport and other work safety measures, to provide a safe and convenient travel environment for the people.Cao Zhiyuan visited The G207 National Road Wulipai – Jiua section, Shuangpai Reservoir dam, Hunan Hongxinda Logistics Co., LTD., and inspected the traffic guidance sign setting, dynamic monitoring duty record, monitoring platform operation, vehicle technology management, safety production education and training in accident prone areas.Cao Zhiyuan pointed out that production safety is the lifeline of development, transportation enterprises must further implement the main responsibility of the enterprise, strengthen production safety management, refine the contingency plan for emergencies, effectively improve their own production safety guarantee capacity;To further eliminate the existence of safety risks of sections, increase the traffic safety reminder signs, often carry out safety production training for transportation employees, improve the awareness of safety production, at the same time to pay close attention to the physical and psychological health of the company and passengers, regular organization to carry out psychological counseling services;All relevant departments should further raise awareness, clarify responsibilities, specify tasks, comprehensively strengthen work safety publicity, spare no effort to urge transport enterprises to fulfill their main responsibilities, investigate and punish all kinds of violations of laws and regulations, and provide more efficient, quality and reliable transport services for the people to travel safely and conveniently.Then,Zhi-yuan cao organization county traffic transportation, highway construction maintenance center, the county public security bureau traffic police brigade, Marine affairs center, county road transport service center, transportation construction safety and quality surveillance, double card railway station, the forever steam double branch, county bureau of natural resources, the county bureau of agriculture and rural areas, county ministry bureau, county brigade wide body emergency administration bureau, county, county urban management bureau and other relevant unitsConvened the first quarter work scheduling meeting of the county traffic and transportation safety production Committee, discussed and revised the “Notice on the adjustment of shuangpai County Traffic and transportation safety production Committee member units and work responsibilities”, and listened to the report of the traffic and transportation safety production work of each unit.Cao Zhiyuan pointed out that the relevant units one to recognize the current situation, this year is the end of three years of safe production action, traffic safety is still a double brand of short board, must put the transportation field people’s life safety in the first place;Two to plan the work of the whole year, this year there are Spring Festival transport, May Day, 11 and 20 important nodes, to the work of advance planning, early action, to ensure that a good bureau from a good step;Thirdly, it is necessary to grasp the law of accidents and comprehensively analyze the causes of accidents over the years from five aspects of people, vehicles, roads, environment and management. Multi-point prevention and control, improve prevention ability and effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.Fourthly, we should conscientiously implement responsibilities, strengthen local responsibility and industry supervision responsibility, and use grid management means to force enterprises to implement their responsibilities.Fifth, we should effectively eliminate hidden dangers, urge transportation enterprises to regularly carry out self-examination and self-rectification of hidden dangers, eliminate hidden dangers from the source, and make every effort to ensure the safety and stability of production safety in the transportation industry.Sixth, it is necessary to establish a long-term mechanism, strengthen safety training for employees, strengthen publicity and education on civilized traffic, and strengthen strict control of the source, process and results to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.