Mushroom diced pork sauce, fragrant and delicious, very convenient for daily necessities

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The consumption of lentinus edodes has a long history. It is recorded in Compendium of Materia Medica and Medical Forest.It was also first consumed as medicine.Modern medical research has found that lentinus edodes does have certain medical and health care effects.The taste of this delicious food itself is very tender and thick, and there are a lot of dishes made with it.Many gourmands like to use it to make mushroom diced pork sauce, and the homemade noodles taste really good.Shiitake pork paste, in addition to the use of some nutritious shiitake mushrooms, will also be added to the pork.They don’t seem to go together, but when they’re mixed and cooked, they’re delicious.The freshness of the shiitake mushrooms and the aroma of the diced meat are particularly appropriate, making them great sauces.You can use sauce to match noodles to eat. After mixing, the taste is very fragrant, and it will not feel greasy, fresh and rich, especially appetising.Mushroom diced pork sauce Streaky pork, shiitake mushrooms: 1. Prepare the corresponding ingredients, fresh shiitake mushrooms are used here, and the flavor will be better.If you can’t buy it, you can also make it with dried shiitake mushrooms and cut it into small cubes.Prepare some pork belly in advance, it is not recommended to use pure lean meat, it will make the sauce taste dry, cut pork belly into even pieces of meat standby, incidentally prepare other side dishes and condiments.2, first fry the diced meat, add a small amount of oil, after the oil is hot, add the cut diced pork to stir fry, after the color changes, you can add the chopped green onion and ginger into the pot and stir fry together.3. After stir-frying chopped green onion and ginger, add shiitake mushrooms into them and other condiments at the same time. Appropriate pixian broad bean sauce and yellow bean sauce are added here.In order to make the color beautiful, you can also add an appropriate amount of old color.4. Stir all the sauces and diced pork together, so that each diced pork is covered in the sauce and looks very attractive.5, then to add other condiments, can be appropriate to add a few pieces of rock sugar, let the whole sauce more fresh.Also want to add the right amount of pepper, five-spice powder, etc., so that can make the sauce more flavor.6. After that, we should pay attention to adding an appropriate amount of warm water. The water should not exceed the diced pork and mushrooms, and then we should continue to stew.7, in the stew process, we should also pay attention to constantly stir-fry, because the whole is relatively thick, not stir-fry easy to paste, taste will be greatly discounted.Because the sauce tastes salty, it can be served without adding salt.8, you can cook your favorite noodles or other noodles, cooked after the cold water reserved.9. Mix the proper amount of mushroom diced pork sauce into the cooked noodles, and it tastes really good and delicious.: 1. It is best to use fresh mushrooms, with a stronger flavor and better overall taste.2, pork stir fry, do not add too much oil, because the pork belly itself will be under the oil, so also can avoid too much fat, too greasy.3. Both bean paste and soybean paste are salty, so there is no need to add salt to make them salty.4, braising stage, we should pay attention to stir-fry sauce, because there will be a risk of paste pot, stir-fry can reduce adhesion, but also make their stir-frying become more fragrant.