Legend of Mir ii hundred area: magic royal 2-8 gold bracelet alone first gear, a cool can war?

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Lao Dao wishes everyone a happy New Year!In the retro version, the mage and warrior classes are natural enemies, and the warrior’s relative restraint over the mage is very obvious.As for the Taoist priest this doctrine of the mean occupation is basically eat melon masses, more natural and unrestrained.Both warriors and mages are also class-specific when it comes to equipment.For example, warrior high demon royal, high attack match, mage high defense, high agility match, if you don’t have a ring to prepare magic blood jewelry.Legend player maps, especially in retro versions like Legend 100, warriors and mages are the dominant forces, and the battles between them never stop, so the warrior players are a little better equipped.Warrior leaders’ equipment collocation in addition to the most commonly used high attack “transport nine”, there are also high attack magic royal collocation, high attack escape collocation, etc.Demon 13 blood drink and today Lao Dao to share the warrior player’s whole body wear a combination of all can be aimed at the mage player’s setting, very tough, do not know that a cool war?Following the Lao Dao screenshots, we enjoy together.Attack 39 verdict of the rod of choice high attack output legend 100 district of the most bovine verdict of the rod, is also the strongest soldier, the only attack 39 verdict of the rod are in his hands, if this is not high attack collocation, then 100 district no high attack fighters.No wonder I haven’t seen it lately. It’s in his collection.It is well known that the holy War helmet and Black Iron Helmet have the strongest defense and magic armor in the legendary retro version.The warrior player’s Jihad helmet also has a 2 point attack limit, and is the strongest jihad helmet in 100 districts.Such a helmet is indeed an “attack and defense in one” attribute.Attack 5 Black iron helmet Only the two black iron helmets of Anhui Hotline can crush this jihad helmet in all directions (as shown above).I don’t know how many meters it would take to get a jihad helmet.To be honest, there are also white tiger tooth necklaces for The Lucky 5 in 100 districts, but after seeing the tiger tooth necklace above, Lao Dao suddenly felt that the tiger tooth necklace of the Lucky 5 is not too surprised.Magic dodge 30%, luck 3, attack 3 full attributes, this is the warrior leader’s exclusive necklace.The memories of LUCK 2 were humbled in its presence.I once saw a 20%, 2, 4 attack memory necklace in the old district, although not as exaggerated as the above, but it can compete with the tiger tooth necklace.Which one do you think is stronger?Gold bracelets with high magic royal properties are an item that mage players hate, but warrior players love.Legendary old area collectors in the hands of the strongest gold bracelet is 2-7 magic royal attributes, legendary 100 areas have many magic royal 2-7 gold bracelets, such as this pair of gold bracelets is.With these golden hands on, what’s a mage player to do?Of course, legend hundred district has a gold bracelet more cattle than the old district, incredibly 2-8 magic royal attributes, Lao Dao shared with you before, as shown in the picture above.In fact, this outfit and the one shared by Lao Dao today are all part of the same team, which shows how powerful they are.Omnipotent gold bracelet Lao dao instant think of 100 area another super attribute gold bracelet, defense 0-4, magic royal 2-4, but also add 1 point attack limit, this gold bracelet and magic royal 2-8 gold bracelet compared to a wider range of application, we prefer which?Attack 6: Drop the demon to remove the ring of high magic, high attack let the mage player fear not only the gold bracelet of high magic royal attributes, but also the drop of the ring of high magic royal attributes.But have you seen the ring of enchanters with a 4 point attack limit?This big guy has a couple!I wouldn’t trade a ring like that for two holy war rings.Road 6 ring mention high demon royal high attack ring, Lao thought of a road 6 gold ring in the old area, this excellent attribute than attack 6 down demon in addition to the ring refers to much stronger.As shown in the figure above, the old district collector’s 6 gold ring is not very fierce?Once 100 area first mage saw the whole body collocation of this warrior big guy, everybody see an officer feel this to wear build pair of then wear mysterious belt of cool can have win?For more content, follow Doc Legend