If swearing helps, this year’s spring thunder is on my way

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In the forty-fifth chapter of Journey to the West, che Chi fights against the Law.Assist Tang’s monk to beg for rain of Sun Wukong badbadly special command Lei Gong: “old Deng!Carefully for me to see that corrupt corrupt law officer, disobedience unfilial son, more than a few killed in public display!”Sun Wukong’s words are not many words, but the matter is big, at least embodies the two characteristics of traditional Chinese civilization.First of all, he especially hated “corrupt officials”, so he ranked them in the first place by the mouth of Sun Wukong must be punished.This is probably because the “disobedience and unfilial son” is only bad for a family, but corrupt officials can ruin the country and the people.The second is the punishment of lightning, generally also called “day of thunder” or “day of five thunder”.As for Sun Daiseng, he also made mistakes and was punished, including “thunder department gods, hit with thunder scraps nails”, others “sword chop chop, spear spear sword Ku Ku”, and “fire department gods, burn burn”, the result of course is “can not hurt a little”.Among the many punishments from heaven, “Thunder from heaven” has absolute popularity.Sun Wukong specially told Lei Gong that it was definitely not because he had enjoyed himself, nor because it was about to rain.Similar to the Olympic spirit of “higher, faster, stronger”, The sky thunder split also has these three characteristics.First of all, higher.Do not believe, lead a few days to look up again, click brush 1, the sky is like a giant crack, you feel this situation, like god is angry, unique sense of authority.Second, faster.What is a lightning bolt?With the sound of lies still ringing, the first lightning struck down.It’s the aesthetics of violence that speed brings.Finally, stronger.In the drama Teahouse, Erdezi said, “I can’t beat foreigners, and I can’t beat you?!”Lei Gong said, “I can’t kill sun Monkey, but I can’t kill you.!”A lightning strike down, much more powerful than the Italian guns li Yunlong was proud of, but not as much as nuclear weapons to harm innocent people.What is really strong?A punch to a wall is not called strong, that is hanji, real strong is the precise control of infinite power, said to split the cockroach roach roach in the crack in the wall, will not bring a gecko family next door.With “higher, faster, stronger” these three characteristics, “the day of thunder split” not to become my Oriental mortal favorite is difficult.We love to use it to swear, “thunder strikes the sky” is often accompanied by “unhappy death.”This is the effect of the day of thunder, “not a good death” is recognized by the people “day of thunder” another important factor.Make this oath when often ritual feeling is full, middle finger and index finger together, vertical to the day, words are firm: “I will how how, if not how, the day struck by lightning, not a good death!”Look at the hands of the West on the Bible, do you suddenly feel that they are low?Swearing is playing house, which has no use, and if it’s not ruthless, no one will take it seriously.So I strongly recommend to run the next President of Mr Trump, if you want to win votes, Chinese in the U.S. on the bible that is useless, you must be geared to the needs of thor shout out “day playing five thunder” oath, although the people may not believe, but they can feel you are a blending of their own.Our civilization has created the loudest oath of all, and I’m proud of it, but I’m still a liar with no fear of retribution.This is me more than two thousand years ago.I smile meekly to a girl initiated love vows, after marriage, I treated her family violence, until abandoned her.This matter was written into a poem, and it was incorporated into the Book of Songs, which you now call the Mob.Yes, I was the charmingly naive “mob” that appeared.You can see from my “smile banquet” expression, I hair is not the day of thunder split oath, perhaps is this reason, god did not accept.This indulged me, and there are thousands of me in history.Still, there are those who persist, hoping to use the theory of retribution to dissuade men like me from doing evil.So a man named LAN Ling xiaosheng wrote a book called “Plum in the Golden Vase”, and I called Ximen Qing in the book.I swore to Pan Jinlian twice.The first time I said: “if I have a negative heart, it is wu da general!”The second time I said: “if I have a negative you, the bowl to the big malignant boils, three or five years of yellow disease, plaque bearing maggot bite pocket.”By the count, I swore four oaths in two.Lanling smile unripe this boy from this arrangement I suffered the retribution: because drunk to the slice, I was pan Jinlian many fill a few aphrodisiac, this is the direct reason that brings about my belch fart, really be like “wu big general”.And look at the symptoms of my aphrodisiac overdose, the swelling of my lower body, the skeletal skeleton.Although there were no bowl-sized skullcap boils, nor three or five years of yellow sickness, but because of the swelling of the key parts of the lower body, to describe the reduction, the body was sickly, it was almost a retribution.About “plaque bear big maggot bite pocket” this sentence, in fact, I want to play tricks, Guan Hanqing “save the dust” in zhao Paner also made a similar oath.But pan was so clever that she scolded me: “Faithless thief!Plaque bear big maggot bite pocket, tube you what matter?”This trick can not hide from the wise god, we swear “board bear maggots bite pockets”?Then let handok, Li Jere, be the retribution for stealing my wealth.Speaking of small pan this should be pity of the woman, I feel she is toxic, later my son-in-law Chen Economy also swore to her: if the heart, not live 30.Sure enough, before he was 27, Chen was stabbed to death and his head cut off.This shows that a man is really not to love crazy woman.This is probably lanling Xiaosheng’s idealized admonition, but in reality, it is useless.I continue to swear everywhere that I have no fear of retribution.Is the thunder so efficient punishment, I am not afraid, because if really up, this world of negative letter of the people simply split not over, god is tired to death.What’s more, this is a scientific era, the probability of lightning is so low, even Lanling Xiaoxiao are too lazy to arrange such a retribution story.”I heard that Buddha Was west, but I was only going to a forest of yellow mulberry trees, or shop with a forest of pure mulberry trees.” WHEN I was west Gate Qing, I said, because I was rich and powerful, I could bribe god and Buddha, so I was not afraid of retribution, but at least I still believe in retribution.If swearing helps, this year’s spring thunder has been on my way, selling out is lightning rod rather than ice dun Dun.Sometimes my identity is not glorious, a look is the thunder of human traffickers, ruffians, hooligans…But sometimes my identity is a classmate friend, sometimes I am a selling insurance, sometimes I am a live with goods, sometimes I am a doctor, a lawyer, a journalist, a teacher, public officials…When I borrowed money, cheated money, and gained power in all my glory, I swore: “If I cheat you, I am your son!”But I know that once you have your money and your power, you are my grandson.This year’s spring thunder has been rolling on the road, when it comes, just help me sleep miles and miles of clanking.Although I do not believe in the retribution of thunder split, but some things seem to be resolved only on retribution, if I have the ability of Sun Wukong, I will shout to Lei Gong: “Old Deng!Watch that trafficker carefully for me, and their protective umbrella, kill a few more to show to the public!”