How much does it cost to emigrate from Portugal?These new policies must be understood

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Europe has always been a popular destination for immigrant investors, among which Portugal has become the first choice for many immigrants due to its beautiful natural scenery and pleasant living environment.By December 2021, Portugal had issued 10,254 main applicants for golden visas, of which 5,034 were Chinese, accounting for nearly 50 percent. This shows the popularity of Portuguese immigrants in China.And “how much is the cost of Portuguese immigration” is also a lot of people concerned about the question, to this, American Union immigration combined with the new Portuguese immigration policy in 2022 to provide professional answers.In order to obtain the Portuguese golden residence visa, there are many ways and means for the applicant to choose, such as real estate investment, fund investment, job creation, savings, scientific research investment, business investment, etc.Compared with the past, the 2022 Portuguese Golden visa has new changes in policy, mainly focusing on real estate investment, fund investment, deposit and scientific research investment.Real estate investment is the most popular form of Portugal’s Golden visa, with a minimum investment of 350,000 euros in real estate in Portugal to obtain a golden residence visa.But Portugal in 2022 the scope of the new policy of real estate investment through Lisbon, Porto, and the coastal cities to buy residential property will not be able to obtain immigrant qualification, nonresidential real estate (such as shops, office buildings, etc.) can continue to invest in Lisbon and Porto, investment threshold of 350000 euros still remains the same.If you still want to buy residential property, you can buy a renovated residential property in the hinterland, Azores and Madeira with an investment threshold of more than €350,000 or more than €500,000.2. Fund Investments Investments in qualified Portuguese investment funds are also eligible for a Golden residence visa, although the fund needs to meet certain requirements to qualify for the Golden Visa program.In terms of amount, the new policy will increase the amount of investment from 350,000 euros to 500,000 euros in 2022.3. Deposits in Portuguese banks and investments in bonds and securities are also one of the ways to obtain a golden residence visa. The new policy in 2022 will also raise the visa threshold from 1 million euros to 1.5 million euros.This method requires the applicant to invest in scientific or technological research carried out in Portugal by a national institution recognized by Portugal.The amount of research funding for 2022 has been revised from 350,000 euros to 500,000 euros.In addition to the 2022 New Portuguese immigration policy increases the cost of the above immigration methods, there are many other aspects of the cost of Portuguese immigration needs to be considered, such as lawyers’ fees, administrative fees, intermediary services, etc., especially the fees charged by immigration companies vary greatly, applicants should be particularly cautious.As a leading brand with 30 years of experience in the industry, Meilian immigration is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed Company Meilian Group (which owns two major listed companies, Meilian Property and Meilian Business Shop). With its brand advantages, strong financial resources and abundant resources, meilian immigration can provide customers with worry free and high-quality one-stop immigration service.