A 42-year-old woman from Zhejiang province dated six boyfriends at the same time, disguising herself through various documents, with a comfortable ending

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Some older men put all their hopes on the dating agency to find a suitable one.However, they do not know that dating agencies are unreliable and full of traps. If you are not careful, you may be taken in and lose not only your love but also your wealth.A strange story is unfolding in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province.A 42-year-old woman surnamed MAO was caught by police after having sex with six men in a matchmaking agency and swindling 150,000 yuan over a six-month period.According to the caller surnamed Yu, he met MAO, 42, at a matchmaking company on August 28 and fell in love with her at first sight.MAO is 42 years old, but he dresses fashionably and looks good, showing no signs of aging.It is understood that MAO mou divorced because of personality disagreement with her ex-husband, and both sides have no children.She still has a long way to go, and she hopes to find someone to live with who feels the same way.Mr Yu is very satisfied to MAO mou, not only grow beautiful, and disposition is gentle and considerate, sink into destruction very quickly in MAO mou “gentle gentle country” in.Mr Yu is obedient to MAO mou, to express his sincerity, he has been below the requirement of MAO Mou, turn accounts to her, buy clothes, buy a gift, spent a total of one hundred thousand multivariate.After a period of love, Mr. Yu volunteered to visit her parents at MAO’s home, and plan to get married.But MAO mou found many excuses, are not willing.After two months, Mr Yu again put forward to do wedding, but MAO mou still do not agree with the family, relatives can not participate in the grounds, refused.Think of the dribs and drabs that two people are together, Mr Yu had suspicion, go to MAO mou in the home personally seek proof, MAO mou’s lie is exposed immediately.Mr Yu asks for the money that be cheated to MAO mou, but the person that be cheated refuses to live or die, have to report to the police.After MAO was caught, was sent to the police station.MAO mou see things have been irreparable, they confessed their fraud.Originally, since July last year, MAO mou through a variety of intermediary company registration information, dress up fashionable and beautiful, gentle and considerate, specifically looking for older middle-aged date, while they are anxious, date with 6 men, for is to cheat money, not a few days spent.At present, MAO is accused of fraud, is being investigated.