1000 tons three beam four column hydraulic press how much?1000T oil press price

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The price of the equipment provided by different manufacturers is also different. For 1000T three beam and four column hydraulic press, its stroke, working table, degree of automation, mold and other factors will have an important impact on the price of the equipment.The general stroke is small, the work table is small, the equipment without the mold is lower in price;And molding process complex, high technical requirements of equipment, for the cost will be much higher.When we choose equipment, we should not simply consult its price, but should first understand its structure, performance and technical data, to avoid buying inferior products.1000 tons three beam four column hydraulic press for hot forging molding two, the technical parameters of the equipment why do we want to understand the technical parameters of the equipment?Because before quoting, we will design the equipment according to the corresponding data provided by customers. When the corresponding technical data comes out, the basic price will be determined.The cylinder stroke, the height of the opening of the equipment, the size of the worktable and the degree of automation need to be determined in advance. Generally, customers who choose 1000 tons of four-column hydraulic press are used for correction, press-mounting, bending and other functions. We do not need a mold, but only consider the size of the host.After understanding the above two points, we can have an accurate pricing for 1000 tons of three beam and four column hydraulic press.The equipment with stroke of 600-800mm, working table of 1800*2000mm and opening height of 1400mm is priced at 400,000-600,000 yuan.Model Unit Y32-1000T Nominal force KN10000 Maximum liquid working pressure MPa31.5 Maximum distance between the lower plane of the slider and the workbench MM1400 Maximum stroke of the slider MM800 Downward speed of the slider mm/ S100 Return speed of the slider mm/ S80 Table Dimensions Vertical (front and rear x up and down) MM1800 x 800 horizontal (Mm2000 x 1800 Motor power KW37 Total weight (approx.) T20 Reference quotation RMB 40,000-60 PREPARATION: The above quotation is for reference only, and the actual conditions prevail.Through this article, you can understand the influence factors of the price of the three beam and four column hydraulic press, and how to consult the price to the manufacturer.Different functions and uses of 1000 tons of four-column hydraulic press, the specific amount of money, but also need to contact the manufacturer, not blindly by comparing the price to determine the equipment.To learn more, follow us by clicking on your profile picture and check out our official website