Various activities to celebrate Chinese New Year

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Rednet moment Changsha On January 26 news (correspondent Yang Yi) Spring Festival will come, the flavor of the Year gradually thick.Dingwangtai Street, Furong District, Changsha city actively carried out a series of Spring Festival activities to celebrate the Year of the Tiger.On January 14, Hualong Chi Community new era civilization practice station jointly with Changsha Zhengping social workers, Hunan Development Group pension Industry Co., Ltd. to carry out “pen and ink condensing calligraphy blessing to neighbors” to welcome the Spring Festival to send couplets.Activities will be incorruptible culture into the couplet, through the residents of the way to create a good “incorruptible”, “incorruptible” year of community cultural atmosphere.On January 17th, Fanhoujie community cooperated with Wuyi Branch of Changsha Bank to carry out the theme activity of “Calligraphy and ink fragrance to welcome the New Year”.Calligraphers splash ink on the scene in the hall of Wuyi Branch of Changsha Bank. We follow calligraphers’ strokes and feel the broad and profound Chinese traditional culture in the faint fragrance of ink.On January 18, Fengquan Gujing Community family planning Association and Changsha Yangtaoru Family growth Care Center carried out the “Spring Festival to send blessings” theme activities, inviting community elderly party members and minors to write “fu”, the activity scene atmosphere was warm.On the afternoon of January 19th, the theme activity of “Our Festival, Spring Festival — Celebrating the Chinese New Year with songs and dances” was held in front of Changsha Shimao World Financial Center.Nearly two hours of activities to show the neighborhood harmony, mutual aid and friendship of a harmonious family style.On the afternoon of January 23, Baonan Street community and Jiale Children’s Development Center held an activity themed “clean Cut Windows to welcome The Spring Festival” to advocate clean Chinese New Year.The activity takes “clean paper-cut” as the carrier, popularizes folk culture, enrichis the connotation of clean government culture in the community, infuse new vitality into the construction of clean government culture in the community, and adds a clean color for the coming Spring Festival.Now when street community: severe winter warm feeling Clean and peaceful after off-year 24 January morning, new age now when street community civilization joint their social work practice standing amidst a publishing company hand in hand, and in the oral cavity in the severe winter warm feeling Clean and peaceful off-year “volunteer service activities, let everybody know the Spring Festival customs while exploring the mystery of the Chinese nation excellent traditional culture.On the morning of January 24th, Jinshali community held an activity themed “Our Festival · Spring Festival”.Children participated in many activities such as civilized flying chess question-and-answer, civilized students, and rushed to civilization 12 points.After the game, the children orderly came to the micro wish exhibition shelf, leaving their own micro wish in the year of the Tiger.Dingwangtai street will continue to do a good job in various security services, to provide more warm measures for residents, so that residents friends warm Spring Festival.