Enterprises in Mianyang set up a special fund for women’s football to bring more “Zhang Linyan” to Mianyang

2022-05-02 0 By

The stunning comeback of China’s women’s football team in the final of the 2022 Asian Women’s Cup moved millions of Chinese.Among them, Sichuan Mianyang female substitute Zhang Linyan, first created a penalty, after the header equalized the key score.The “post-00s” mianyang girl became the pride of her hometown with her stunning performance in the final of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup.Today (February 11), Changhong, as the hometown enterprise of Zhang Linyan, officially announced the establishment of the “Rose Rainbow Fund” to help the development of Mianyang women’s football and campus football.At the same time, Changhong also gave Zhang Linyan’s family changhong meiling flagship 5G ecological home electrical equipment, and 10 coaches of Mianyang Women’s Football Youth Training Center jiangyou No.1 Middle School gave Changhong flagship projection TV respectively.”Thanks to my hometown for caring about us.We are proud of our daughter.We will also encourage her to continue her efforts and make more achievements to bring honor to the country.”Zhang Linyan’s father Zhang Shouwu said excitedly.”Thanks to the encouragement of hometown, we will work harder and strive to cultivate more ‘Zhang Linyan’.”Jiangyou women’s football youth training center head coach Wenrong said.Rao Binbin, spokesman of Changhong Holding Group, told reporters that the fund will be used to help mianyang women’s football and campus football development. The initial phase will be used to rebuild the football field in jiangyou No. 1 Middle School, mianyang women’s football youth training center.”Zhang Linyan and the coaching team behind her are not only the pride of Sichuan and Mianyang, but also the pride of China.Their national spirit of winning glory for the country and their fighting spirit in adversity deserve praise and study.At the same time, it is in line with the spirit of serving the country behind Changhong as a national enterprise and national brand. Changhong will continue to pay attention to and support women’s football and campus football.”Rao binbin said.Mianyang Radio and TELEVISION Rong Media Center Reporter: Lu Wenlin, Zhang Hanwei, Wang Zixuan Editor: Zeng Xiuyun, Jiangyou Rong Media Center