Ordinary family life is full of depression and depression of one kind or another

2022-05-01 0 By

Recently, I feel depressed and unhappy because of some housework. This kind of thing is a small thing in other people’s life, but it has become a sensitive thing affecting my mood to me.In the final analysis, my own heart is not strong enough, sensitive and fragile heart, suspicious character always cannot change.Let’s talk about the things that have upset me in the last two days.For example, my own father called me the day before yesterday and told me that he would not allow me to visit his relatives after this year. The reason was that an old man died in his neighbor’s home behind him. He thought it was unlucky for us to visit his relatives.But I put this matter in my heart, feel that other people’s family affairs and I go to relatives have what relationship!I don’t know this family!My dad is so sensitive.Do other families in their village not visit relatives because of the death of an old man?I don’t think so!Of course, this sentence is just my imagination, I did not call my father to say it.Don’t let me go to relatives!For example, my father called me and told me: Don’t come to my house to visit relatives this year, because the neighbor behind us died an old man!It’s bad luck that you’re visiting relatives.I’m okay with that.The two words on the back of the phone really hurt my heart, at least hurt my daughter, who had not been treated well by her parents.My father behind two words I: if you go to relatives, that I have no way!Alas!I heard these two words in my heart, these Spring Festival I took things to his home to see him are all shameless, these years he has not put me in the eye, IS my own think more, the whole is a hot face stick cold butt, think about yourself feel sad.Sometimes I thought I did rather silly, the husband often speak I said: if he met my family relationships, he would choose never going back and forth, he felt that no relation with the family has no meaning, will always be in my unilaterally pay, clearly know the home no one will remember my good, but I still to meet.Every time I hear him use such language attack me silly smile, deep down I do not know to answer such a question.Maybe one day my heart is very tired will choose to escape their family, or never contact it!Just don’t know when that time will come.