Observation | Hengyang Changning, a pair of jeans industry to undertake “password”

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Editor’s note: Big countries are moving and industries are transforming.How to break through the bottleneck of highland, how to gather the flow of depression, how to undertake the industry of blessed land?Deep thinking is going on everywhere and in every region.For a long time, Hengyang Changning aimed at characteristic industries, the rise of a textile industry base, so that it has become a number of eastern coastal textile enterprises to the Midwest transfer of the place of preference.In south Xiangxi to undertake industrial transfer demonstration area, Hengyang Changning is how to “jump” up to undertake industry, “password” in……Changning City Xiangnan textile base, enterprises work overtime to complete overseas orders.(Zhou Xiuyu spring photo) Rednet moment reporter Jiang Nan correspondent Wu Wei Guo Hua Hengyang reporting opportunities always give prepared people.As early as 2017, Changning aimed at the textile industry, with the goal of creating a “hundred billion textile industry chain” and building a textile and clothing industry cluster with the whole industry chain, and “jumped” to undertake the industrial transfer from the east.Planning first, environmental protection first, precise investment, “zero foundation” Changning Xiangnan Textile Base fast forward.In 2018, south Hunan Textile Base was built as a demonstration project of “South And West Hunan to undertake industrial transfer Demonstration Area”;In 2021, south Hunan Textile Base was included into the key cultivation of the pilot county of foreign trade characteristic industrial cluster by the Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, and was included in the textile and garment characteristic park of hunan Province.June 11, 2018, Premier Li Keqiang to Hengyang City inspection work, entrust Hengyang to undertake the eastern industrial transfer of the “lead goose”.November 10, 2018, Xiangxi xiangnan to undertake industrial transfer demonstration zone to obtain national approval, Hengyang impressively in the column.Along with the national, provincial and municipal levels of “high vision” and “love”, xiangnan textile Industrial base phase I workshop in short supply, phase II workshop open appointment, nearly 300 enterprises intention to enter.Why does Chang Ning do it?With a doubt, the watchman walked into this town with huge potential to understand the industry to undertake a pair of jeans “password”.Aerial shot of garment production park of Xiangnan Textile Base in Changning city.(Qian Hui) taken ahead of the chain layout “rush” out a tiger to stay on the first day of the Spring Festival, 56 km distance from hengyang city changning county in southern hunan textile base, Kang Jie clothing co., LTD., director of entrepreneurial atmosphere, the wisdom of the green environmental protection, intelligent production line without stopping, employees to work overtime, finish the overseas orders, strive to “start”.Kangjie clothing Co., LTD., formerly known as Li Erfeng Clothing Co., LTD., was located in Xintang, Guangzhou, with a turnover of 200 million yuan a year.Nowadays, more and more clothing companies transfer to the small city of Changning, which is inseparable from the city’s efforts to undertake industrial transfer.In 2017, it coincides with the beginning of the overall migration of guangzhou Zengcheng and Xintang denim garment industry chain to the mainland. Changning is in urgent need of industrial support to promote urbanization. Relying on the advantages of being located in the two-hour traffic circle of The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, as well as the environmental advantages of water and air, the government and enterprises will fall in love at first sight when they meet each other.32 coastal textile and garment enterprises have settled in Changning.”At the very beginning, we took the transfer of the whole industrial chain of coastal textile and garment as the direction. We did not simply move the enterprises here, but carried out industrial upgrading and committed to developing the whole industrial chain of textile.”Mention the characteristic advantage of textile base, Wu Lesheng, secretary of Chang Ning Municipal Committee, is like a few treasures.From Wu Lesheng’s confidence, pride and confidence, what you can see is that the Municipal Party committee and the Municipal government of Changning have thought deeply, so that enterprises can stay, the people can get rich, and the sustainable development of the industry.However, the development is also inevitable trouble, the first problem is the environmental protection of washing printing and dyeing.However, this can not love to study, brave new changning people.In response, Changning city creatively created “two parks” in the base — environmental protection facilities park and clothing production park.Environmental protection facilities is a whole industrial chain of “nuclear”, about the construction of the main body, its selection is “fortune 500” high-tech environmental protection enterprises citic group environment, park adopts industrial production, sewage treatment, reclaimed water use such as “more than one” circular economy industrial chain, water washing and dyeing flow closed loop formation, 90% of the waste water after treatment can be recycled.Citic Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has led 26 enterprises to settle in the Environmental protection Facilities Park, purchasing 120,000 square meters of standard plant and 100 mu of land. The first phase is expected to be put into production by the end of 2022, and the second phase plant is also open for appointment.”Upgrade” on the road, “changning gravity” in increasing.Keep up with the demand for “innovation” to create business investment new situation is so-called, spring warm duck prophet.In 2017, liao Zhiyong, 35, became the first garment entrepreneur in the south Hunan Textile Industry base to return to his hometown to invest amid the boom of coastal industrial relocation.Changning Kangjie Clothing Co., Ltd. founded by him also became the first group of cowboy clothing enterprises transferred from Guangdong to south Hunan textile industry base.Return home five years, xiangnan textile base development how, he has the right to speak.Just returned home no factory, what to do?At the beginning, changning Municipal Party Committee and municipal government provided 3000 square meters of factory for free, and recruited more than 130 workers for it through publicity.Today, Liao zhiyong’s Kangjie Clothing Co., Ltd. can produce more than 3 million pieces of clothing a year.Xiangnan textile base garment production park, each plant has a supporting dormitory building.(Photo by Qian Hui) Small and medium-sized enterprises financing difficulties, how to do?Government-led industry supply chain financial service platform, set up supply chain company, every move the funds of 1 billion yuan of above, provide enterprises with loans, raw materials and coordinate financial institutions, to move into the small and medium-sized textile enterprises with “flow” loan, solve the problem of shortage of liquidity, every enterprise can obtain no less than 5 million yuan credit support.Enterprise equipment obsolete, low degree of automation, how to do?Changning city provides funds for each enterprise to support its automation transformation, layout of industrial Internet, promote flexible production and intelligent manufacturing, and constantly consolidate the “chassis” of high-quality development.The excellent business environment has become liao Zhiyong’s “endorsement” for his hometown.At the end of 2020, after the first phase of the plant was completed, Liao Zhiyong quickly moved in and started production.In 2021, the company’s monthly production of cowboy clothing reached more than 300,000 pieces, with an annual output value of nearly 100 million yuan.With this “living signboard”, the mode of “attracting investment by business” became popular in Changning city. Waves of entrepreneurs visited the base, and through precise investment, textile related upstream and downstream enterprises entered the park one after another.Digital, recording the “chang Ning magnetic field” intensity;The enterprise reflects the temperature of “Changning environment”.At present, 32 enterprises have settled in the garment production park, and about 150,000 square meters of standard workshops have been purchased. 3 enterprises have been put into operation, and 3 enterprises are speeding up the decoration and installation of equipment.In July 2022, the remaining 28 factories and 28 dormitories can be delivered, and it is expected to realize “full park” in July.The base is to grow, the economy is to take off, talent is the engine.”There are as many as 50,000 people working in the textile and garment industry outside Changning, and we want to bring them back.”Changning municipal Standing Committee, deputy mayor Duan Ming introduced, with the increase of enterprises, the end of the year employment demand will reach 10,000 people, Changning began to attract “talent” to return home.Hengyang fu code protection platform for reference, Changning began to create “code” for textile enterprises and talents to find a job platform, support enterprises and talent “free love”, through the supervision of enterprise integrity and member credit, for job hunting, recruitment to provide double security.With the increase of intelligent production lines, high-end talents have become the base’s “rigid demand”.(Photo by Zhou Xiuyu) The base is the “nest”, the enterprise is also the “nest”, the enterprise is the “phoenix”, the talent is also the “phoenix”, the government is the “medium”, the achievement of undertaking industrial transfer one after another.Since 2018, the base has been built as a demonstration project of “South and West Hunan To undertake industrial transfer Demonstration Zone”. Every step of the base’s expansion has witnessed changning live up to expectations and create miracles with strength under the policy support of provincial and municipal levels.The first phase of xiangnan Textile Industrial Base will be put into full operation this year, and the second phase will adopt the rolling development mode of “land + workshop” industrial real estate, all relying on social capital construction. After the completion of the third phase, the base will have an annual output of 1.5 billion pieces of denim clothing, an annual output value of 100 billion yuan, and an annual export volume of 50 billion yuan.Overseas orders “full”, south Hunan textile base “100 billion industry chain” in the future.(Photo by Zhou Xiuyu) Risk often comes with opportunity!In the context of the interwoven global epidemic and the century of changes, in 2021, China’s textile and clothing exports will reach 322.71 billion US dollars, with an increase of 9%, among which clothing exports will increase by 34.1%. The garment export market is huge, and the “100 billion industry chain” of south Hunan textile base can be expected in the future.Hunan south textile base of a pool of spring water has been activated, Changning Party secretary Wu Lesheng full of confidence in the future, he told Guanchao Jun, “we not only to expand employment, stimulate domestic demand, but also to double in place, to achieve economic growth, to impact the province’s top ten economy, the national top 100 economy.”