Micro blog “politics” energy, look at TA!

2022-05-01 0 By

Recently sina Weibo released 2021 outstanding government weibo list of hebei public security system 3 accounts selected in which @Hebei Traffic Police micro release was evaluated as “2021 · Excellent quick response weibo” @Old Lu Zibo @Yonghua small vegetable garden was evaluated as “2021 ·V light power” 2021 is worth remembering the year!In the face of the epidemic, heavy rain and other emergencies, the administrative officer of Hebei Public Security spoke up at the first time to express his responsibility with speed and warmth.In response to the demands of the masses, they have coordinated and responded quickly, conveyed the “political” energy of Weibo with warmth and perseverance, fulfilled the original aspiration of serving the people, and left countless touching moments and touching stories.Hats off to them!Original title: “Micro blog” politics “energy, look at TA!”