Internet star sun Wukong says he’s getting married!And Ho Yuxin received a license to kiss, the two high-profile show of love

2022-05-01 0 By

On the evening of Feb 10, the Monkey King said che announced his marriage to He Yuxin on Weibo, writing, “Thank you.”The news immediately attracted more than 100,000 likes and quickly became a trending trending post, which was both surprising and not surprising for the pair.In the photo, Sun Wukong and He Yuxin, dressed in handsome clothes, stood at the marriage registry office in Nanjing, reading the oath, the warm scene, let people can not help sending blessings.After saying the vows, Sun Wukong and He Yuxin got the marriage certificate, and then Sun Wukong and He Yuxin embraced each other, which made all the fans gawk.Sun Wukong even sent a photo of their credentials.One is elegant and refined, the other is tall, this pair is made in heaven, although there have been many netizens attacked He Yuxin in “If You are the One” performance, but this does not prevent their feelings.Looking back on their relationship, it’s not hard to see what’s real, only they know.Although neither has previously gone public with their relationship, it has been very sweet during this time.He Yuxin and Sun Wukong’s wedding photos were he Yuxin top, from this point, it can be seen that they had the idea of marriage, after that, they often appear in the video, and He Yuxin, is nicknamed “monkey sister-in-law” by netizens.Last year, He planned a birthday party for Sun Wukong and bought him a present.Compared to those CP before, Sun Wukong this time specially to He Yuxin home visit, if only for publicity, also only two of them, but that day, He Yuxin’s parents and grandparents came, from this point of view, really are to visit.After all these years of hiding it, it’s really sweet when it finally comes out.Congratulations to Monkey King and monkey Sister-in-law on their marriage.