Beef jerky alert!Through dongguan these intersections to wake up the “12 points” spirit!

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Driving, safety first also need to pay attention to standardize driving to avoid the occurrence of traffic violations more need to wake up to avoid the “12” in the blink of an eye recently Dongguan traffic police department issued a reminder in these sections of the road, more careful Dongguan central city the first phase of the bus lane has been enabled to go wrong to fine 150 yuan!Dongguan bus lane has been opened on January 31, after the opening, the public and car owners need to pay attention to working days during the morning peak 7:30-9:00 and evening peak 17:30-19:00, except for buses, yellow plate vehicles with 10 seats or more, special vehicles (military vehicles, police cars, ambulances, engineering emergency vehicles, etc.), bus lane is not allowed to use other vehicles.Including electric vehicles, bicycles and other non-motor vehicles and pedestrians are not allowed to use.At other times, all vehicles can use the bus lane.Illegal occupation of the bus lane, Dongguan will use on-site and off-site law enforcement forms.If a motor vehicle occupies a bus lane in violation of regulations, it will be fined 150 yuan without scoring.In addition, the traffic police department from January 31 solstice set 2 months of law enforcement on March 31, persuasion, bus lanes within 2 months after the commissioning of the driving motor vehicles to take up bus lanes violation by the driver send text messages or on-site rectifying violations of persuasion in the form of 2 months after April 1 will formally implement of fines.Specific implementation ▼ humen listed traffic police alert driver has a high incidence of traffic violation intersection, humen lists several high incidence of traffic violations in the traffic department intersection, is mostly not in accordance with the provisions, lane (2 points) or no comity pedestrian (3 points), to remind the driver, through these sections, driving to wake “12” spirit.There are three main intersections in Humen where vehicles are prone to driving out of the prescribed lane, namely, the intersection of Marina Bay Avenue and Taibao Road, the intersection of Haizhan Guan Road and the landmark traffic light of Liansheng Road.Although the lanes at these intersections have clear traffic indication signs and complete lines, there are still widespread problems of vehicles turning left in the straight lane or turning left in the straight lane.At the junction of Marina Bay Avenue and Tai Po Road, the second lane of the Marina Bay Avenue secondary Road from Humen HIGH-SPEED Rail Station to Bo Chung is a straight lane. Many vehicles were caught turning left onto the marina Bay Avenue main road.At the intersection of Nan Avenue of Haizhan Guan Road, from Baohui Lighting Factory to the entrance of Magang Residential area, vehicles are going straight into Magang area from the left left lane.At the landmark traffic light of Liansheng Road, the lane from nanzha to Jinzhou direction, the two left lanes are left turn lanes, many vehicles did not follow the traffic signs on the ground, and went straight from the second left turn lane.In addition, there are some roads in Humen where vehicles do not yield to pedestrians and traffic violations occur frequently.For example, at the zebra crossing from Marina Bay Hospital to Longquan International Hotel on the main gate of Humen Park on Liansheng Road, there are many behaviors of vehicles failing to yield to pedestrians.Reminder for the presence of high incidence of traffic violations in humen more road, humen remind the drivers, the traffic department to obey the traffic laws and regulations, in accordance with the provisions, lane, fasten your seat belt, do not answer for phone in the process of driving, and in case of pedestrians crossing the street, to stop comity pedestrian, together makes clear the road traffic environment of civilization.Sha tin mouth all the way, heavy duty truck prohibited left for optimizing shatian port road along the river high-speed intersection traffic efficiency, effectively alleviate the intersection traffic pressure, reduce traffic congestion and traffic accidents, public security bureau in shatin for medium and heavy truck traffic port road along the river high-speed intersection formulated the new rules, each driver friend, travel to know ahead of time.It is understood that in order to optimize the shatian port road along the river high-speed intersection traffic efficiency, effectively alleviate the intersection traffic pressure, reduce traffic congestion and traffic accidents, sha tin released by the public security bureau on the port road highway along the river mouth, announcement of heavy truck traffic regulations, from now on, the port by port avenue north road to the highway along the river in medium and heavy duty truck,It is forbidden to turn left at the traffic lights at the freeway entrance.Recently, the reporter in Shatian town Jingang North Road along the river near the intersection of the position to see, prohibit medium and heavy trucks left warning signs eye-catching set up in the green belt and road prominent position.According to the police of Shatin traffic police brigade, because of the particularity of this intersection, its card issuing station is relatively close to the Jingang North Road, if the large truck directly turn left into the expressway, it is easy to ‘reverse’ out of the main road, causing traffic jams, easy to cause traffic accidents.Forbid the port road along the river road trucks is the yellow van turn left into the highway, the truck to enter the highway along the river road traffic lights in front turn around again after the highway traffic lights turn right into the highway, the other blue card trucks and cars other social vehicles can be normal turn left into the highway.”The traffic police department reminds that medium and heavy goods vehicles from Ganggang Avenue to Yanjiang Expressway via Jingang North Road should turn west at the junction of Yanhe Road ahead and head west to the entrance of the expressway. Do not turn left directly to avoid traffic violations.If a yellow truck turns left after the announcement, it will be caught by the electronic police and fined 200 yuan and deducted three points.Electronic police officers at five junctions in Qishi town will be re-activated in the near future to take photos of illegal activities, according to a notice issued by the qishi traffic police brigade.The five electronic police units will capture motor vehicles parked in violation of regulations, temporary parking, obstructing the passage of other vehicles and pedestrians.The notice period is from February 9, 2022 to March 9, 2022, with the official launch on March 10, 2022.The locations are as follows: 1. Boxia Section of Dongping Avenue (Dongping Bridge Section) 2. Shangdong Village Section of Huanzhen Road (Dongqinghu Section) 3.Dongjiang Avenue Sports Corridor section 4. Hubin Road Qishi Middle School section 5. Chuangye Road Dongguan No.7 Middle School section Material source: Dongguan Fragrant Flowers open, integrated Humen Taiping, Dongguan Radio and TELEVISION station, Ping ‘an Qishi, etc