The owner’s wife lent me 300, 000 yuan to save my aunt’s life, but when ASKED to repay, I chickened out

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1 when I was 6 years old, my father died in an accident, and my mother remarried with my 3-year-old brother.I was dropped off at my grandparents’ house, and my mother said she would pick me up.But she had not been seen since her mother left.My uncles and aunts love me and my grandparents and often help us with our lives.My uncle’s family was not rich either. My aunt planted crops at home and my uncle went out to work to earn money.My uncle had two children at home, and when my grandparents died three years later, my aunt took care of us.My in the mind to uncle and aunt special gratitude, secretly determined to study hard, have the ability in the future must repay uncle and aunt’s kindness.More than 10 years passed, and I finally entered the university.And I knew it wasn’t easy for my aunt and uncle to pay for my education.In my spare time, I do some part-time jobs and get a full scholarship every year.Any money saved would be sent to my aunt to help with the household expenses.After graduation, I found a job successfully.As a technician in a high-tech private enterprise, I always work overtime in order to earn more bonuses.The owner’s wife also saw my work attitude and ability of full recognition, soon gave me a raise and promoted to technical director.Every month after I get my salary, I transfer to my aunt at the first time, so that my aunt and uncle’s life is better.Once, the company was rushing a project, and I was mainly in charge of technical aspects. Due to frequent overtime work and overdraft, I fainted in the office.After the owner’s wife knew, she immediately arranged personnel to send me to the hospital, and personally visited the hospital, told me to rest more, do not worry too much about the work, and reimbursed all the medical expenses for me.I was very lucky to meet such a good owner’s wife, and I was particularly touched. After leaving the hospital, I immediately put into work and completed the project on time.At this time, uncle gave me a call, said aunt sick, waist pain afflicting, into the hospital to check the kidney stone is very serious, need to do surgery immediately.I cried when I heard the news. Now where can I get $300,000 to operate on my aunt?The landlady found me listless at work recently and asked me about it.I told the owner that my aunt and uncle raised me, such as second parents, now aunt’s life is dying, I can do nothing.Really anxious, and ashamed.The owner’s wife understood my situation, and I went to the hospital to visit my aunt, leaving a bank card with 300,000 yuan inside, and told me the secret.Comfort me to say that the problem of money do not worry, not enough to me.I’ll give you some time off, and you take care of your aunt.For the help of the landlady, I do not know how to repay, secretly thinking that after the landlady asked me to do anything, I would go through fire and water.Aunt recovered quickly after her operation.My aunt said to herself that the landlady was a good woman, and told me to repay her when I had the opportunity.I also think so, now the first thing to do is to work hard, the money owed to the owner’s wife as soon as possible.A year later, some of the village was expropriated by the government, and the land belonging to my uncle and aunt fell within the expropriation range. The land compensation amounted to 280,000 yuan.Uncle got the money after let me give the money back to the owner, I as long as 200,000, I have savings of 100,000 yuan.4 when I handed the bank card to the wife of the owner, the owner smiled and said this money need not return me, I pay attention to you for a long time, do not know can help me a thing?The owner’s wife needs my help, of course, I would love to, or pay off the previous debt of kindness.I said madame you have something to say, as long as I can do, will not refuse.After my husband and I divorced, I took care of a daughter by myself.She doesn’t take good care of her daughter due to her work. She doesn’t get along well with her daughter and she is a bit rebellious.Now my daughter is getting married.I have been watching you, and your character and abilities are excellent, and if my daughter is with you, I am particularly at ease.The landlady wanted me to be her son-in-law, but I had seen her daughter, and she and I lived in two different worlds.We don’t speak the same language. We have different values.Besides, my aunt is looking for a country girl for me. She is simple and pretty, and I like her very much.Now the owner’s wife gave me this difficult problem, let me at a loss, do not know how to do?I had thought that if the landlady had helped me so much, I should be obliged to do anything, but now she asked me to marry her daughter, and I recoiled.It’s not good to refuse now, because if you don’t, you can’t live with her daughter in the future, and you don’t know how to end it.What shall I say to the landlady?