119 alarm bell, in the fire “Spring Festival Gala” sounded

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Jinshan Network news January 31 New Year’s Eve, the city fire brigade Dantu fire brigade auditorium, a small New Year’s eve party is about to be held, suddenly the alarm, scene personnel quickly gathered to the fire.Two hours later, the fire-fighting team hurriedly grilled two meals back to the small auditorium, “Spring Festival Gala” to continue.On the scene of the evening party, the “hosts” were dozens of young firefighters from all over the country, and the “guests” were dozens of art lovers from Dantu District and the little story-tellers from Baoyan Story Group, old and young, gathered together to spend the New Year’s Eve.When the firemen prepare to the canteen to eat working dinner held a party, suddenly the alarm went up, the original is received to dantu district shangdang town fire order.The firemen rushed out to put on their suits, and the fire engines roared towards the scene.For the safety of thousands of families, they not only gave up the opportunity to reunite with their families, but also gave up the good time to welcome the New Year briefly.When the firemen rushed to the fire, it was the time for families to reunite.On the evening party, “master” collective absence, performance personnel will be quietly waiting at the scene, and look forward to the early safe return of the players.Later Dantu fire brigade instructor told reporters, is the party town of a secondhand goods pile fire, if not put out in time, the spread of potential;Fortunately, the firemen arrived in time and put out the danger.Two hours later, the firemen came back. It was already eight o ‘clock in the evening and the team had not yet had a bite of the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner.In order not to keep the performers waiting, they hurriedly changed clothes and washed, went to the canteen to eat a few random meals back to the small hall of the fire brigade.The actors, who were still waiting, got moist in their eyes.Cao Yingqi, a 10-year-old singer from Baoyan in the old district, said, “Usually these heroic deeds only read in books or heard the teacher said, today the scene to see so many heroes uncle, they go through fire and water to protect people’s property safety, too educated!”Later, Cao Yingqi came to the firefighters, with a wonderful children’s voice for everyone to sing a red classic song “Mountain red”.Reporters learned that In 2021, Dantu Fire Brigade was rated as “2019-2021 Provincial Civilized Unit” by the provincial Civilization Office, and was rated as “advanced brigade of provincial grassroots construction” by the provincial Fire Brigade.Under the jurisdiction of Yicheng fire station chief Li Wei was awarded “provincial excellent Communist Youth League cadres” by the provincial Party Committee, was awarded “provincial model Communist Party members” by the provincial fire Corps.(Li Guo-square, Liang Long, Xu Guo-lian)