What kind of bait works best?How to match the bait?A few criteria for judging the quality of a bait

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The bottom of the pond jinscale more knowledge fishing, not cast bait that prophet.The vast majority of fishermen, in pursuit of better fishing results, are their own bait.There are many kinds of lures, so what kind of lures are best?How to match the bait?Now, let’s talk about some criteria to judge the quality of the bait.Several criteria to judge the quality of bait one, freshness.The fresher the bait, the better the fishing effect, freshness is an important indicator of the bait.All lures have shelf life, the shelf life of different kinds of lures is not the same, pasta bait shelf life is generally 6 months, wine rice bait shelf life can be up to two years.Several criteria to judge the quality of bait two, soft degree.Softness is also an important indicator of bait, bait softer, more conducive to the fish bite.On the other hand, the harder the bait, the higher the catch rate.This index is mainly for crucian bait and carp bait, fishing for other fish, may not be effective.Several criteria for judging the quality of bait three, atomization degree.If you are fishing in black pits, the degree of atomization of the bait is a very key indicator, because the better the atomization effect of the bait, the better the lure effect, which is mainly for the black pit is fishing.If it is stealing donkeys in the black pit, fishing slippery mouth fish, atomization effect is too good, it is likely to have the opposite effect.Judge the quality of a few criteria four, smell comfort.Different fish like different smells, but almost no fish likes a bad smell, and a good bait must smell better.Take crucian carp and carp as an example, they are more like fragrant food, bait fragrance comfort is very important, fragrance is too light lure fish effect is poor, fragrance is too strong is easy to die nest, generally through the amount of fishing taste small medicine to adjust.The figure below is the advanced fishing formula from the fish laboratory of agricultural University, the dosage of fishing drugs in the formula is more scientific, for your reference.Premium fishing formula