The first Sky Street Spring Festival gathering activity was launched in Taishan Scenic area

2022-04-28 0 By

On February 1st, the first Gathering activity of Spring Festival was launched in north Tianjie, South Tianmen.This activity around “, cast from heaven qi peace “theme, through the mount taishan scenic spot most representative intangible cultural heritage, folk culture, Yin street culture and natural scenery, for the majority of tourists in a special online travel seasons greetings feast, in the whole during the Spring Festival bring happiness and joy for tourists.It is reported that from the first to the 15th day of the first lunar month, in the southern Tianmen area taishan scholars, Stele Extension skills inheritor, national gold medal guide, well-known anchor Taishan Juanjie, Quick hand Linyi Xiaofangsao will be through the way of education in the field for the vast number of tourists live show Taishan culture, natural scenery, promote the traditional culture of Taishan,We introduce cultural and creative products such as Taishan tourism service products, stone inscriptions and other featured tourism products to tourists and netizens. Through cultural and creative products bearing the thick Taishan culture, we spread the New Year’s greetings to thousands of families at home and abroad, and let the “sky market” reproduce the top of Mount Taishan.Editor: Taishan Scenic Area Media Center Wang Ping Second Instance: Taishan Scenic area Media Center Gao Mingcheng Final Instance: Taishan Scenic area Media Center Fan Hongliang Wu Kexin