Shanxi Liheng Technical School: strengthen patriotism education to create a beautiful campus environment

2022-04-28 0 By

In order to create a clean, beautiful, civilized and hygienic campus environment for the new semester, Shanxi Liheng Technical School carried out a whole-school cleaning activity on the morning of February 21.Under the leadership of the monitor, the whole school students took collective action, picked up brooms, shovels, rags and other labor tools, on the campus green belt, main road, corner and other places, especially on the campus health corner, green belt weeds and other serious cleaning.In the process of labor, the division of labor of the whole school students is clear, each does his own job, actively and enthusiastically participate in it, do not let go of any health corner.After everyone’s efforts, the campus health has been further improved, the whole look of a new.After the thorough cleaning, in order to guide students to learn to learn, learn aesthetic, strengthen the patriotic education of students.Cultivate students’ patriotism and improve their ideological and moral quality.We held a grand flag-raising ceremony.Today’s flag-raising ceremony is held by our students from Shanxi Liheng Technical School.Look!Our flag-raisers have been waiting for this solemn flag-raising ceremony with full enthusiasm.The other students and teachers lined up, facing the flag, solemn and solemn.We saw our flag-bearers, in the eyes of the whole school, escorting the national flag to the flag-raising platform.This activity achieved a complete success, effectively enhanced the communication between students and teachers, enhance the friendship.The students feel the warmth and beauty of the big family of Shanxi Liheng Technical School!(Text and text: Beautiful)