Media: Beijing Winter Olympics this scene, like a science fiction movie

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Finally, the final countdown to the much-anticipated Beijing Winter Olympics has begun.The opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics will kick off at 8pm tomorrow night in Beijing.At present, athletes from various countries have arrived and started training in various venues.As the athletes moved in, there was a vlog rush of “my Things in the Olympic Village.”In the meantime, vlog’s intelligent robots have become so popular that they have become the most popular Internet celebrities in the Olympic Village.For example, “food delivery robots” will replace waiters and waitresses to deliver food at official winter Olympics hotels.”Epidemic prevention robots” that remind foreign athletes to wear medical masks;”Bartending robots” that make cocktails for sports officials in restaurants;And the much-vaunted pink robots that deliver food to foreign athletes and officials…”The dining space [in the Olympic Village] is like a science fiction movie.”In the face of such an intelligent scene, the American media, which has always been picky about the Beijing Winter Olympics, can not help but sigh.In its feb 2 report, NBC introduced feeding and epidemic prevention measures for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics with “Robot Delivers Food from the Ceiling”, which “highlights the balance between tradition and future technology”.To minimize human contact, dining Spaces in Beijing’s Winter Olympics village look like a scene from a science fiction movie. Pink robots suspended from the ceiling deliver food to diners while other robots prepare and cook.In other corners of the cafeteria, robot baristas, bartenders and others do their jobs.According to NBC, the use of intelligent robots in restaurants is part of an effort to reduce human contact during the Beijing Winter Olympics.Because at mealtimes, athletes will inevitably break social distancing and increase safety risks.More than 10 types of smart devices will serve media staff from more than 200 countries and regions in the 3,700-square-meter restaurant, Xinhua News Agency previously reported.Some of the journalists who have already experienced it are full of praise, “these automated systems are really shocking.”The “Beijing Winter Olympics robot” has become one of the hottest topics as more and more people around the world share what they have seen and heard on social media platforms.This has gradually attracted the attention of many media.A video released by Korea broadcasting System (KBS) on February 1 shows food delivered by robots and drinks made by robots in the restaurant of the main media center of the Beijing Winter Olympics.According to KBS, people can enjoy Both Chinese dishes such as mapo tofu and Western food at restaurants that operate 24 hours a day.From the interactive tai Chi screen in the media center, free sleeping booths and intelligent robots in restaurants, Japan TV’s Olympic program aired on February 1 also introduced high-tech features in the Village.A video posted by CBC Sports on Jan 22 shows a robot at work noticing that the foreigner it was greeting was not wearing a mask.It immediately stopped and issued a warning to “please wear a surgical mask.”Before the latter could finish his surprise, the robot had turned and left.Like Canadian media, CBS also shared a video on Wednesday of a robot delivering food instead of waiters at an official hotel for the Beijing Winter noted that recently, the Associated Press, Reuters and other mainstream foreign media have reported on the intelligence of the Beijing Olympic Village, and many foreign netizens have praised it.Unsurprisingly, the restaurant, which looks like a scene from a sci-fi movie, has sparked a heated discussion on social media.In the video comment section of Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, netizens from all over the world expressed their admiration for the intelligent Beijing Winter Olympics: “I can’t watch enough of them. Let’s have more of these robots.””This will be the most high-tech Olympics ever.””Well done. This will help ensure that the virus does not spread.””Wow!It’s not just Yuzuru Hanyu that appeals to me about the Beijing Winter Olympics.Now I want to see how futuristic these Games are.”In the Beijing Olympic Village, the intelligent equipment for athletes from all over the world has deeply carried out the concept of “high-tech Olympics” in China.”There are many similar examples of science and technology,” said Zhou Min, a professor at the School of Journalism and Communication at Beijing Normal University and director of the International Communication and Effectiveness Evaluation Center, according to Wen Wei Po. “This year’s Winter Olympics has a distinctive background of science and technology. The concept of ‘high-tech Olympics’ has been consistent from the preparation to the on-site display.”For example, the national Ski jumping Center “Xueruyi” and shougang Ski Big Jump are the first to apply the competitive artificial section track design method and construction key technology in line with international standards;As the only Olympic stadium in the world that can run both water events and ice events, the “water ice conversion” of the National Swimming Center is inseparable from the innovative application of convertible structure system and detachable ice making system.As the only newly built ice competition venue of this event, the National Speed Skating Pavilion “Ice Ribbon” adopts the single-layer bi-directional orthogonal saddle-shaped roof with the largest span in the world, and the steel content is only one fourth of the traditional roof……There is also the “smart bed” in the Olympic Village with numerous “circle fans” and adjustable functions.An amphibious robot and an underwater variable structure robot teamed up to complete the Olympic torch relay, the first underwater torch relay between robots in Olympic history.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics will be held at the National Stadium at 8 PM on February 4.The smart robots in the Olympic Village are telling the world that Beijing is ready.This article is an exclusive article, shall not be reproduced without authorization.