Let’s look forward to the opening ceremony of these schools in Huizhou in the future

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February 14 is the opening day of the 2022 spring semester. More than 1 million students in Huizhou returned to school, and the quiet campus has resumed its usual bustle.How do schools take preventive measures for the return of “magic animals”?What are the highlights of the welcome ceremony?What instructions does the principal have?…Go to the scene with all media reporter of Huizhou newspaper.Huizhou huizhou first primary school on the first day of the new semester, the first primary school students in a tuxedo, wearing red scarf came to school early and orderly queue to enter the campus at the school gate, temperature, and more than a month apart not say hello to the teacher and classmates, high-five, hug with good friends, and talk about their topic between, walked into the classroom.The first day of the school morning reading class and the previous morning reading content is different, the class in the classroom organized civilized etiquette knowledge training explanation, review the primary school rules.In the classroom, some classes held the theme of “we start school,” the first lesson, the teacher in charge of the students for the long holiday syndrome adjustment of the special guidance, the students actively participate in the active speech, in the heated discussion of the students have started the new semester.At Liruilin Primary School in Huizhou, red lanterns create a festive atmosphere and teachers wear red scarves to look energetic.Outside the school gate, the teacher dressed up as a tiger full of blessings and greeted the students from time to time, making everyone feel pleasantly surprised.The school administration gives a “red envelope” to each student who enters the school, which contains a special bookmark to encourage students to read and a “dream plan for the new semester”, the content is unique.”Good morning, teacher!””Good morning, today’s hairstyle is very energetic yo!”School leaders and teachers on duty greet children at the gate of huizhou No. 16 Primary School at 7 a.m. on July 14.Parent volunteers guided the traffic at the school gate, and children wore masks, took their temperatures and entered the school in an orderly manner.At the opening ceremony, all the teachers of the school went to the rostram, under the oath of principal Zhong Xiaoli, solemnly swore to all the students that they would strive to achieve every student with dedication, erudite, elegant and good, and regard every student’s growth as their highest honor.Traffic police from huizhou Municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment also to the case, through text and video on the spot to explain traffic safety knowledge and matters needing attention for the children.On the first day of the new term of Fumin Primary School in Huizhou, teachers and students gathered on the campus.In the morning, the school held the opening ceremony of the 2022 spring semester and a lecture on rule of law education.The opening ceremony consists of the main venue and the sub-venue, and the classes in the sub-venue will watch it simultaneously through the form of live broadcast.The principal Wu Yanhui gave us the first lesson of ideological politics with the title of “Together for the Future”.Xu Pingan, vice principal of the school’s rule of law and police officer of Jiangbei Police Station, gave lectures on rule of law education for all teachers and students, educating students from traffic, throwing objects from high altitude and classmates’ communication, hoping that peace and happiness accompany every day.Huang Xiaojia, vice principal of school safety, preached “The first lesson of school safety” to teachers and students.Huizhou Shangpai Primary school “peace and joy”, “Good luck in the Year of the Tiger”, “Golden tiger lucky”……Sound blessing, greetings here and there.With the return of teachers and students, the campus of Shangpai Primary School in Huizhou is full of laughter.In order to let the children feel the warmth of the campus and the happiness of growth, the school held a ceremonial opening ceremony — Blessing station!School for children to prepare warm school gifts, have a special meaning, take its homonym: “orange” meaning good luck, “green onion” meaning smart, “apple” meaning in peace, “candy” meaning sweet in the heart, I hope the children in the new school year can be better.The students walked with smiles on their faces, touching green Onions, oranges, apples and candies. They also received red envelopes stuffed with the school’s New Year wishes for teachers and students.Huizhou city together unripe experimental school “start school!Welcome back to school!Auspicious year of the Tiger!Tiger tiger alive!”On the first day of school, the LED screen in front of the teaching building of Huizhou Hesheng Experimental School welcomes students back to school.At 7:00 in the morning, the parents and teachers volunteers of Huizhou Hesheng Experimental School came to the school gate to protect the students, guide the cars to park in an orderly way, help the parents who dropped off their children to open the car door and pick up their children.The school leaders and teachers on duty also came to the school gate to greet the children returning to school, and gave them high fives and good wishes for the new semester.At Jinshanhu Primary School in Huicheng District, a ceremonial opening ceremony gave the children a strong motivation.After the solemn flag-raising ceremony, all the students performed the fan dance “Loyalty to the Country”.In the grand and heroic music, the children flash and move, dance, the stage loud fans, passionate.The teachers also handed out red envelopes containing candies, stationery and new term messages to express their best wishes to the students.In addition, each student received a “special opening gift” — textbooks with fancy bows.Cute year of the Tiger dolls greet students returning to school at Nanshi Primary School in Huicheng District, Huizhou.”A clean, warm and festive classroom will quickly make children feel at home. A well-decorated classroom is the first gift we give to children.”There are stick stick “firecrackers” on the blackboard in the classroom. After students sign their names in class, they take off a lollipop, which means that this year will be better.Some teachers drew the mascots of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games — Bing Dwen dwen and Xue Rong Rong, which children like, to welcome the new semester with teachers and students.In Nanshi Primary School, Huicheng District, Huizhou, some teachers prepared lucky red envelopes for children in the year of the Tiger. The red envelopes contained different blessings and surprises, which made the children happy to start a new school life.At the beginning of the new semester, the First Kindergarten of Huizhou Government office is celebrating the Lantern Festival.”Happy New Year, baby. Come and say hello!”In the new semester of the Year of the Tiger, Huizhou No. 1 Kindergarten prepared a series of special activities for the children.”God of wealth”, “auspicious tiger”, “jingle cat” came to the kindergarten to send blessing bags, “jufu tree” hung with children’s wish cards, pick gifts, take cute photos…Dressed in red, the children welcomed the new term with a happy heart.Wenyan Fan, Tu Jian, CAI Lu, Correspondent, Zhang Tonglian, Lin Ping, Qiu Chunhua, Huang Erfan, Zhou Jie, First Instance: Ai Lianghua, Second Instance: Hu Jinbo, Third Instance: Luo Xiaozong Statement:The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, and we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)