How to make the right choice?

2022-04-28 0 By

How to make the right choice in the face of life’s major decisions?I believe in a word: have the courage to choose without regret, follow one’s inclinations without exceeding rules.At all times in life, we are faced with various dilemmas: A) finding A secure job that we don’t love as our parents want us to do, or B) doing what we love but facing an unknown future?A) stay in the big city and work hard, or B) go back to your hometown and enjoy simple and easy life?People struggle because they want everything when faced with a choice.Unwilling to give up the benefits of A, B also want to get the benefits.People always want to choose only the sum of the benefits of A and B without paying any of the costs.This choice is called the perfect choice.However, there are no perfect choices, only “best choices”.If you choose A, you will suffer the consequences of A, and so will choosing B.You can only do what is “best” for you in the circumstances and then move on.