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The meta-universe is truly all around us.It’s an immersive experience, and the weapons, costumes, and even houses are worth a lot of money in the real world.On social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, users can create pseudo-anonymous online avatars and interact, share news, discuss information and chat with friends in virtual Spaces wherever they are.———— comes from the Internet’s metaverse.This is a compound word: Meta +verse, which literally means “a parallel universe beyond the real one”.This may be a little abstract, industry experts generally believe that in the Internet era, PC Internet is 1.0 era, mobile Internet is 2.0 era, and the “meta-universe” will be the Internet 3.0 era.To improve telepresence and advance the metasurverse, much depends on whether we can replicate the real experience of people in the real world in the metasurverse.VR headsets and motion tracking devices can play a key role here.Now these devices are more realistic and can create 100% immersion.The game is also embedded with VRChat, a social platform where players can create 3D avatars and interact in public virtual Spaces.Ready Player One is regarded by gamers as the ultimate ideal, while the meta-universe is considered the ultimate form of the Internet.Hi Krypton Technology as a meta-universe company, adhering to the mission of “let one billion Chinese people access to better VR”, the company through independent research and development and strict selection of the world’s latest, coolest and most popular immersive science and technology rides and fine XR game content, determined to become the public perception of VR, the meta-universe perception of the best entrance.As the universe first stop entertainment experience of science and technology, popularization were recommended for everybody will issue points more yuan universe content, content: the first phase of the small make up list to everyone today 001 VR recommend my world the number of game | 1 game experience characteristic key words | | 15 minutes long creation, immersion, infinite imagination content introduction:Get ready for an adventure with endless possibilities as you build, dig, battle creatures, and explore the ever-changing Minecraft landscape.Become a craftsman and use your surroundings to gather building materials – see how cutting down trees can help you create new creations.Always stay away from wandering creatures just in case – if you get too close, no one ever knows what will happen!Discover ways to use redstone ore to enhance your creations, bring them to life, or make them stand out.002 the number of magic brush recommended game | 1 game experience characteristic key words | | 15 minutes long creation, painting, space, immersed content is introduced: he offers a VR content creation of three-dimensional space, in this space can heartily enjoy creative to complete their work.The experience of painting in three-dimensional space is different from playing VR games and watching VR videos. This feeling is more real and wonderful, just like the stars flashing in front of the video that can be touched.It also provides an extremely rich palette of colors, brushes and graphic elements, such as light, flame, laser, graffiti, etc., in the context of space and immersive experience, enough to allow users to create.It also provides a variety of painting scenes, including the psychedelic universe, white snow, scenes made for costume designers, scenes made for architects, etc. In addition, brushes and pattern elements are displayed in a dynamic form, making the whole painting experience full of vividness.Number of e-sports king of guns of the recommended 003 VR games | 1-4 people (team) can be groups of four game experience characteristic key words | | 15 minutes long e-sports, VR team game content is introduced:Every 4 v4, national race event, 100 + team to participate in the red, blue, also do not forget to quietly, keep their base colleagues touch each other’s main gate VR e-sports is e-sports fusion technology and competition, can bring huge immersion and interactivity, has become a popular global fashion movement way, attracted the attention of more and more.Put on your glasses and gear. Are you ready?Enter the magnificent and atmospheric virtual world with your teammates, compete freely in it and create another world.To give you a more exciting experience than Ready Player One, gather your teammates and start the war!004 the number of virtual gallery recommend game | 1 game experience characteristic key words | | 15 minutes long art, painting, close content introduction:As soon as I entered the painting, I felt as if I had entered the world in the painting. I saw the girl reading the letter quietly by the window, Mona Lisa smiling at me, the mysterious starry sky in Van Gogh’s eyes, Venus being born out of the sea, and the moment when god and man met…”I think that every user who has experienced him has such a feeling of joy, the feeling of being in and out of the painting is really impressive.It contains five of the world’s most famous paintings: A Girl Reading a Letter at the Window, by Jan Vermeer, circa 1657-1659. The original painting is in the Old Masters Gallery in Dresden.The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, circa 1482-1486, depicts the birth of the Goddess Venus from the sea in Roman myth. The original painting is in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.Mona Lisa, painted c. 1503-1507 by Leonardo Da Vinci, is the most famous oil painting in the world. The original painting is in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.Starry Night, c. 1889. Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic painting at momA in New York.The Creation of Adam: Part of the Book of Genesis painted on the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo, circa 1511-1512, depicting the creation of Adam, the first man.005 fort night concert (experience) video cloud characteristic key words | music, virtual concert content is introduced: “fortress nights” peremptory has become a cultural phenomenon, a kind of social network, not only gives a gathering virtual places, offers a variety of additional challenges, gave them a lot of autonomy:It’s also popular because of its quirky dance moves, such as clicking the “dance” button in homage to the airbus driver.At the same time, they brought in secret American EDM DJ and music producer Marshmello for a 10-minute electric concert at the game’s Joy Park.More than 10 million people around the world participated at the same time.The Guinness World Record for the largest concert ever held was 4.2 million people, but the Internet allowed us to achieve more than double the world record for the largest mass gathering, which is a good example of the future of VR social.Using Unreal Engine rendering technology, the visual effects of the virtual concert were no less impressive than the EDC stage, and Marshmello’s performance was achieved through motion capture.Good this period of content recommendation here ~ interested partners welcome to the store experience oh ~