Double your bill with a new gas meter?Gas company: the new meter is more accurate

2022-04-28 0 By

Recently, Shanghai Fengxian District Greenland bridge new garden residents to look at the news client reflect that the end of last year after the replacement of a new intelligent gas meter, the gas cost in the home increased significantly, to reflect the gas company, door-to-door detection did not find leakage and other problems.Mr. Zhu said that in the past two months, there has been no change in living habits, while the gas cost has increased rapidly. Before December 2021, it averaged about 60 months, but now it has doubled, and it is 126 pieces in January. The new watch may be a little sensitive, but the doubled sensitivity is a little ridiculous in my opinion.Several residents in the same neighborhood reported a similar increase in gas bills, which almost tripled.According to relevant regulations, gas meters need to be replaced if they have been used for more than ten years.Fengxian district began replacing new gas meters last year, and Shanghai Haixian Energy Company, which is responsible for the change, said the meters were approved and passed the inspection.In January this year, Haixian Energy sent the gas meters in the homes of residents in question to the authorities for testing, and the results showed that they were qualified.Shen Xiumei, a customer service manager at Shanghai Haixian Energy Co., LTD., said: “It is possible that the recent winter has increased gas consumption, and there is also an external reason for the increase in temperature.Because the Internet of Things meter is used now, the measurement is more accurate. In the old watch, we used the IC card screen meter, which is relatively less accurate in measurement.Haixian Energy said that it had been led by the district gas management institute, randomly selected residents with new meters, in the presence of residents, sent to professional institutions for testing again.(Look at Knews reporter: Wei Kepeng)