Writing is always about picking and choosing your material

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My rule for writing short stories is “three things” : every sentence, every word, every punctuation, every word and every sentence.If you start to write, you want to express the emotion, your most sincere emotion, don’t spit out unpleasant emotion, might as well express your emotion, give it a form, the form is the form of a story, that’s all right.Simple and simple language, natural and natural.At the beginning of writing is easy to exaggerate, my feelings are so full, as if to shout out the same.There are three states of language expression: not in a hurry, just, too much.No hurry is not achieved, the emotion is not expressed, too exaggerated, this kind of fault is more.I urge all of you to be “moderate”. The so-called “golden mean” does not mean a way of referring to people. The “moderate” means just right, just right.At the beginning of writing is often easy to force too much, do not force too much, it is completely calm, with the most appropriate language to express your feelings, first of all, you moved, after reading their own feel very moved, I think this is half the success.How can I write down the details?The important thing is to spiritualize the details, to give them the spiritualization process.What’s the thinnest thing in the world?First Hemingway said: what is the most vast, he took the sky, the earth, the sea to compare, and finally said that the heart is the most vast.I think it’s not millimeter, micron or nanometer. The human heart is the smallest. It’s thinner than nanometer.Therefore, if we want to write the details fully, we must spiritualize it.I like Wang Anyi’s novels. She can write a detail for several pages, and her process is a process of spiritualization. In the process of spiritualization, we must find our own heart and find our own heart.My work “Shoes” describes the beauty of love, a ceremony after our hometown engagement, is a girl to make a pair of shoes for her fiance, making shoes is a very important thing, for girls, it is a very big test, one is to test your needlework, but also to test your degree of piety to make shoes.So this girl attaches great importance to making shoes, which is reflected in a stitch, a thousand stitches, meticulous.The novel has a lot of details to describe this process, for example, the shoe bottom needs to pull out a lot of patterns, we know that this shoe needs to make a lot of patterns, there are equal, there are plum shape, there are jujube shape, which specific pattern, how can I know?Because my mother, my older sister, they all, they do this sewing in their spare time, and I know the details.This girl, she made a jujube flower, because it is April, spring is deep, jujube flowers are in full bloom.I carefully described the jujube flower with meticulous brush. The jujube flower is green but not white. White is green and green is white.It looks like neither fight nor fight, but also very independent, the branches of the birth of the jujube flower, bees are buzzing around, with this bee, you know how simple jujube flower, mellow, beautiful.This is a big praise of the jujube flower, very fine praise, and then the girl looked at the jujube flower, also put a jujube flower to the sole of the shoe, so then, and one by one in the bottom of the shoe.On the surface is a shoe bottom, in fact, write people, is a kind of writing method of personification.It’s the jujube flower. That’s what it means.Qin Wanli, the deputy chief editor of The Monthly Journal of Fiction and Selected Journal of Fiction, wrote a comment entitled “The Charm of Details”. He immediately noticed the charm of details.He said finally let people praise is the details of the novel and close stitches on the sole, with fine brush, the tender feelings, a girl is guileless girl don’t have much culture, also don’t know very much in love of the game, and by ordinary shoes, see all her fantasy and romance, see emanating through her emotional life breath,It’s as if she comes alive in front of us, and the work can achieve this effect, relying on the charm of details.My short stories are nothing new, but they are all story forms.If it doesn’t work, I don’t write.Once I started writing, I tried my best to make it a stand-alone, complete story.Ready-made stories are few and far between, and they are not stories in the sense of journalism and folklore, but stories in the sense of fiction.Much of it is fiction, carving a new path where the real story ends, one step at a time to reach the new world.Still not satisfied after reaching the new heaven and earth, but also to a wider distance.Writing is not a discipline.When I write the first novel, be a worker in the factory, it is to attract the girlfriend completely, express a kind of love, I cover to write the first novel, finish the novel have no place to publish, the girlfriend read said good, good.I put it there, six years later, and published it in 1978 after I took it out. When it was published, it showed that I was on the right path, that is to say, I did not make things up. What I wrote was my familiar life and my own life experience.Writers of my generation have been writing longer, when the country was better off.Writing for a long time is a test of our desire and willpower as well as our writing resources.How to do?There is no other path but to go into life and keep learning from life.I love life, love life, love reality, to the real life has been enthusiastic enthusiasm.In the creation, I do not need more doctrine, can take the way of realism to the end even if it is good.I have a broad understanding of realism. I believe that realism is realism as long as it is not about people’s past lives or afterlife, but about people’s present and present lives.The past life and the next life are non-existent, both derived from an imagination.Regardless of forward imagination, or future imagination, imagination is based on this life, or reality.I can’t imagine without the ground under my feet, without my experiences.In addition, my novel is originally realistic and transitive, which is strictly driven by the logic of daily life. How can it be divorced from real life and my own life experience?Chinese characters are deeply rooted, poetic and changeable.Short stories written in Chinese characters pay attention to taste, charm and full of feelings.I have also read quite a few short stories by contemporary foreign writers. It is difficult to read them and I forget them after reading them.Most of their short stories are based on the same idea. They play with form, mystify, rather than profound. The power of thought is greater than the power of emotion, which cannot move me.I think Chinese characters are alive.With thousands of years of civilization history, we have been using it for generations. Ever since its creation, every Chinese character is a living thing. Its foundation is very thick and its root is very deep.I use these words in awe, afraid that any word will be used in the wrong place, every word, every word carefully.Our writing always has to pick and choose the material.Any kind of writing can’t just grab it and pick it up in the basket.If memory is the first choice, the process of writing is the second choice.This second choice is sober, active and subjective.The subjective is empty, and the process from objective to subjective is the process from real to empty.Our writing is always about emotion.No matter what kind of art works, are used to move, emotional beauty is the core of the beauty of art.But we have to admit that all emotions, emotions, are empty things.Only when we capture the empty things can we sublimate them into art, which transcends regions and races and is shared by all mankind.Our writing always needs to be guided by thought.The quality of a work depends on the quality of emotion, which in turn depends on the quality of thought. Without the guidance and promotion of thought, emotion may be superficial and pale.The superiority of works is largely the superiority of ideas.Thought is abstract, empty and empty. Every good work contains more and more empty things.We always use words in our writing.Words seem to be real things, but they are also virtual things.Because the word is a symbol, it has blurred the real thing.For example, when we write about a flower, it is not a flower that grows on the side of the road, it is a flower that we remember and imagine, a flower that grows in our heart.