Olympic Volunteers race to the finish

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“The charm of the Olympic Games, and the charm of culture, is that people of different ages from two different countries cross the differences and embrace each other through the Olympic bridge.”Zhou Xiaotong of Beijing Foreign Studies University’s School of Asian Studies volunteered for the Winter Olympics to accompany U.S. Olympic organizing Committee Chairman Susan S. On her one-day trip.To minimize mistakes, Zhou drew a flow chart of the trip and familiarized himself with it, imagining every possible problem in detail.In order to avoid Ms. Susan’s confusion due to her inability to understand Chinese, Mr. Zhou will immediately explain to her what he just said after communicating with the driver and other volunteers…According to statistics, 14,000 teachers and students from universities in the capital are volunteers for the games, providing guarantee services for athletes, coaches and other personnel of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Game after game, behind the MEDALS, they have quietly paid.”Little snow flower” with Chinese story and Chinese culture floating to the Winter Olympics “gold medal!Gold medal!”On February 8, when Gu Ailing succeeded in her last jump to win the third gold medal of China, the volunteers in the Closed loop of the Olympic Family hotel were excited.Liu Zhipeng, 23, still gets emotional as he recalls the scene.Liu Zhipeng is a teacher of the Youth League committee of Beijing Foreign Studies University and a volunteer for the Winter Olympics.On January 20, Liu zhipeng, together with more than 800 volunteers from Beijing Foreign Studies University, participated in the closed-loop volunteer service for the Winter Olympics.He told the reporter of China Youth Daily that the volunteers in the closed loop work from the hotel to the venue every day, working from 6:30 am to early morning when they are busy.In their spare time, volunteers inside the closed loop watch sports broadcasts and organize activities such as square dancing.”Although we can’t go to the games to feel the atmosphere, we are closer to the Winter Olympics.”Liu Zhipeng said.Liu Zhipeng not only needs to be deeply involved in volunteer work, such as coordinating personnel, transportation and accommodation, but also needs to know clearly the working status of each student volunteer.Many of the student volunteers in the closed loop were born after 2000, so it was inevitable that they would face double pressure from work and psychology. At this time, he would communicate with each student seriously and share his working skills without reserve to help them quickly enter the role.Liu Zhipeng (photo provided by interviewee), who is working at the National Convention Center of China, held a keynote speech at the “Winter Olympics Lecture Hall” before his departure.Liu Zhipeng benefited a lot from the stories of athletes and outstanding volunteers. “Whenever I encounter difficulties, I will think of the Olympic spirit and hope that I can ‘go all out’ like them.””Break the ice and blend in”. Every BFSU volunteer is like a snowflake, bringing Chinese stories and culture to the Winter Olympics.Zhang Jiachen is a Dutch language teacher at The European Language Institute of Beijing Foreign Studies University. During this Winter Olympics, she worked as a language service assistant of the National Speed Skating Hall and a volunteer teacher of Beijing Normal University in Changping.What is paper cutting, what is the story of the giant panda, what are the traditional customs of the Spring Festival…During his volunteer work, Zhang will introduce Chinese culture to Dutch athletes, who will explain the speed skating history of the northern Netherlands to Chinese volunteers.”We are flakes of burning snow, allowing warmth to flow without fear of the closed loop.”Stick to the “home front” of language service “Hello, is this a multilingual call center?An athlete is injured here and we need an interpreter.”At 11 p.m., a phone call from yanqing Winter Olympics Village sent Du Congzhu, a 19th grade diplomatic major at Beijing Foreign Studies University and an online English interpretation service volunteer at the Multilingual Call Center of Beijing 2022, to her heart’s desire.”There was an athlete with a broken leg who had to translate a Medical report in Chinese to their national team doctor, and it involved very complicated technical terminology, and it was very urgent.”Du congzhu’s heart beats faster when she remembers the scene.After receiving the call, she hurriedly opened the medical list prepared during the training, compared the words and quickly organized the language, and translated one to one for the foreign medical team.Later, the athletes timely medical treatment, Du Cong zhu finally relieved.”I’m really proud of how successfully I handled my first emergency assignment.”Du Cong zhu said.This is the daily work of the multilingual call center for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.Back in 2008, it served as the multilingual service center for the Beijing Summer Olympics, providing language translation services for 44 languages.Now, the call center has been upgraded and is once again active in the volunteer service of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The 96 teachers and students are the “foreign language translators” behind this.Yan Ziyi, 22, an undergraduate majoring in Russian at BFSU, is currently a volunteer of the Online Russian interpretation service in the Multilingual call center of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.Last year, Yan ziyi didn’t go home for nearly a year to prepare for the postgraduate entrance exam. “If I volunteer for the Winter Olympics this time, it means I won’t be able to eat my mother’s dinner on New Year’s Eve,” she said.Yan Ziyi admitted that she would feel “empty in her heart” if she could not go home for the Spring Festival.Later, when she saw a film about the silent dedication of bfSU volunteers for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, she was deeply touched. “We should consider the overall situation and realize the value of life, so she decided to stay in school and become a Volunteer of Russian interpretation service.The multilingual call center volunteers are a special part of the volunteer community for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. A mouse, a headset and a pen are all they have.Although they are not active in various venues, nor in the streets, this seemingly simple job requires both strong language translation ability and a sincere dedication.At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, a scarf with “Ni hao” written in 101 languages raced around the circle. Lu Yixuan, a volunteer of OFA of BfSU, presented the “multilingual” scarf to Valery Boltsov, the Ukrainian member of the International Olympic Committee.Lu did not expect Mr. Boltsov to wear the scarf at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, and her passion for volunteer service was also activated. “The scarf connected the whole world.””During the 2008 Olympic torch relay, I saw many people holding up the National flag and Shouting” Come on! “And my Olympic passion was kindled.”Said He Tengyun, a volunteer teacher at the Multilingual call center for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.At that time, he was a sophomore majoring in Malaysian language at BFSU and participated in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games as a city volunteer, mainly providing guidance for pedestrians at the “Blue Cube” near his school.Today, he teng’s role as a volunteer teacher for the Winter Olympics is changing, but his love for his country is deepening.”It’s worth it for volunteers to get up to speed and get used to the pace of work.”He Tengteng has not rested for four months in a row since he started working for the Winter Olympics.For him, volunteering again for the Olympic Games not only makes up for his regret of not being deeply involved in the Olympic volunteer service 14 years ago, but also gives the world an opportunity to see a different China.”Before, we used to help people find their way around With a circular map of Beijing.Today, we have ‘black technology’ such as Dong-Aotong and ultra-high speed 4K orbit cameras.China is really getting stronger.”Often talk about these, he Teng’s eye socket always moist.”Volunteering for the Winter Olympics is not only the realization of personal value, but also a responsibility, responsibility and inheritance.”Liu Zhuo, a postgraduate student at the Russian Language Institute of Beijing Foreign Studies University, is currently a Volunteer Kazakh translator at the Beijing Multilingual Call Center, where her tutor Huang Mei worked as a volunteer Russian translator for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.After learning that Liu Zhuo had become a volunteer here, Huang mei told her about her Olympic volunteer service experience.Liu Zhuo remembers her determination to learn a foreign language as a primary school student in 2008, when she saw fireworks burning over the Bird’s nest.Now, the multilingual call center and the Olympics have a special meaning for Liu Zhuo, “it is a kind of fate, the inheritance between teachers and students, the transmission of the Olympic spirit, but also the relay to tell a good Chinese story.”Responsible editors: Xu Ge, Wang Congcong