Love you, but can not love in the end

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originalSolitary month LengMei love you never reason with you because you are the reason maybe is just a burden but for those who love you is to manage day what high magnanimous to life as a strop all have heart who remember that year when the young are more frivolous moonlight was crazy youth is too bitter to read once there is no better than the dream the echoes of the staff to shape and flowers into two together some people say that people on the way forward is two in advanceInto and it takes courage to bend forward bend need wisdom but why I met road impassability will not choose the turning principle still continues to appear in the form of such silence sometimes guard you when heart uncomfortable, also want to choose the light but feeling far cannot easily select optional life as a journey along the way if you clouds and rain is hard all the way scenery hurried commanded your shadow emerge and used to be two new yearsLess frivolous creature as if tireless more want to see you even if in a hurry look to hug the air with open arms because I feel like a stranger is in the air you under the street light cold wind blowing my hair pain neon mixed with snow I this cavity solitary yong unrequited love and good night lonely hit you I once again let me during the Spring Festival to nostalgia I have thousands of a wish that is inCrowd met you burning eyes and your eyes are full of sweet picture story that innocent sea solitary hon oligonucleotides gue doesn’t have a reason why mention last night dream fragments of the heart is so bitter years appearance is changed or can’t see you once you have the rest of your life, let me very miss my miss I know then we will not together but I think I can dream love backIn the past was lost due to do not cherish you now because I suffering torture want to lose you to a round of that every night I will look at you every night is quietly, I think I miss good pain want to shout your name but some don’t give up for fear of your name be hurt I want to hold up a black and blue lonely but why are forget you more love more pain more pain more love I also want toPretend to be reserved but I always want to smile memories of you but recall memories of memories will become bitter I just know I love you although there is no love you in the end photography: Zhou Fan Bin out of the camera: Garfield