How good is an American soldier who can capture 1500 Japanese?He is less than 1.6 meters tall

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A 6-meter-tall, deaf punk who was rejected as a soldier captured 1,500 Japanese soldiers with his mouth, won the first-class honor of the U.S. army, became a superhero in world War II, and finally became a super rich man and lived to be 80 years old.So how did this punk do it?Why the Japanese did not surrender in the face of gunfire, but were persuaded to surrender by his words, does he have any magic?Feel free to comment like this special battle hero.On June 6, 1944, as World War II drew to a close, the battle of Saipan began, a nightmare for American and Japanese forces alike.The American attack was extremely fierce, but the Japanese held their ground and refused to retreat. In the end, the Americans suffered 16,000 casualties, while the Japanese suffered 41,000.It could have been a bloody, bloody battle, but it was made all the more remarkable by the presence of one special hero.The hero was Guy Gabauden, a rookie just a year into the army and a complete stranger to the U.S. army.The hero is not an exaggerated excuse, but because Gay alone took 1,500 Japanese prisoners on Saipan.This is the highest number of prisoners not only in the history of World War II, but in the entire history of the American military.The battle of Saipan was 1 to 1500. It is no exaggeration to say that one of these Japanese only needed to slap Guy in the face, and Guy might not have a chance to return alive. This number itself was a great challenge, not to mention the hatred of the American and Japanese troops in the fierce battle at that time.What was happening to Saipan at that time?Scores of Japanese soldiers and civilians committed mass suicide at the edge of the cliff, disembodying themselves, pulling grenades, and even jumping into the sea with their children in their arms.The Japanese refused to surrender to American guns.So how did Guy do it?Guy went to Saipan with the Marines, but he wasn’t a combat soldier. He was actually a scout.After the Americans had completely neutralized the Japanese, Saipan started hanging out on Saipan every night.When asked what he was doing, Guy said he was on a mission.The Battle of Saipan until one night, When Saipan burst into the American barracks with two ragged, dirty Japanese, it turned out that they were Japanese prisoners brought back by Guy.Guy’s chief officer was so angry with Guy that he had violated military rules by going out at night, not to mention taking Japanese prisoners with him, which meant he must have had contact with the Japanese.If guy dies in the process of making contact with the Japanese, who’s to tell?So Guy’s boss, he told Guy off and threw him out, but Guy didn’t take it personally and went out the next day.Just as the immediate superior was getting ready for bed for the night, Guy returned with fifty more prisoners.If one man can capture two men, it is luck;It’s no luck that one man takes 50 prisoners.Gaye’s superiors were dumbstruck, and General Holland Smith, then the commander of the Battle of Saipan, was alarmed by the new recruit, who was only 16 feet tall, and encouraged him to continue.Governor Holland Smith criticized Guy for not caring. He praised him. Guy worked even harder, and on July 8, 1944, Guy surprised everyone who knew about it by bringing back 1,500 soldiers and civilians.How on earth did Guy manage to bring back 1,500 prisoners all by himself?1500 Japanese, who “would rather die than die”, were captured by an American soldier who could not shoot well and was not tall enough, which shocked the jaws of many American officers.So how did Guy do it?Guy has “magic”?In fact, Gay’s ability to bring back 50 prisoners began to show, but the capture of 1,500 Japanese, more or less than the Americans had expected.Then how did Guy take these Japanese prisoners who would not surrender to guns?Persuading the Japanese to surrender was simple. Guy used his mouth.At the end of the Battle of Saipan, the daily task of the Americans was no longer to fight, but to search for the Japanese and bring them back as prisoners.On July 8, the Americans discovered a cave under a cliff, where hundreds of Japanese soldiers were hiding, with two Japanese soldiers guarding the gate.When Gay heard the news, he persuaded one of the two Japanese soldiers at the door to come down.In fact, the Reason why the Japanese did not surrender was that they often abused prisoners of war, even American prisoners of war, so they thought that once they surrendered, they would also face American abuse, rather than live and die, it would be better to kill themselves.So Guy told them they would get food and medical care if they surrendered.One of the Japanese guards, apparently moved by the corpses, went into the cave with some cigarettes and food from Guy to persuade him to surrender.Guy thought there might be some trouble because the 1,500 men didn’t necessarily listen to the guard, but the guard, after a while, brought out a Japanese officer.The Japanese officer, claiming to be a lieutenant, was to negotiate with Guy on behalf of the Japanese army.Guy sat them down, respectfully, and answered questions one by one from the Japanese officer, who was most worried about life after capture. Guy said that the United States had the best medical technology, and that Japanese wounded soldiers could receive the same treatment as American wounded soldiers.As there were many civilians hiding in the cave at that time, Gay also told them that if they surrendered to the U.S. army, they could live like ordinary people.Guy persuaded the Japanese to surrender when the Japanese soldiers were already exhausted.Guy spoke so beautifully, so convincingly, that the Japanese lieutenant thought for a moment and returned to the cave, bringing back the 1,500 men who had been hiding there.Gay’s capture of more than 1,500 prisoners on Saipan was a miracle in the history of war.Gay himself was known as “the pied Piper of Saipan”.”Pied Piper” comes from a European fairy tale.It is said that when the plague was prevalent in Europe, there came a strange man in flowered clothes in the street, holding a magic flute in his hand, and when he played the magic flute, all the mice followed him, so that the plague in Europe was alleviated.While the Japanese were killing themselves one after another on Saipan, americans thought the Japanese were lemmings committing mass suicide.Pied Piper’s special experience Guy captured the largest number of Japanese in American military history.Although people joke that Guy accomplished what the American army could not accomplish with a gun and a mouth, the American army was not without negotiators at that time. Why was Guy able to capture so many people by himself?In fact, Guy’s story is very common, even tragic.Gay was born to a Mexican family in the United States, but his family was very poor, with seven children.The money was not enough and there were too many children, so Guy had no chance to study at all. Just how to eat was enough for him to think about every day.By the age of 10, Guy was working odd jobs to earn money.Before world War II, American child Guy was untaught. He went into society at an early age and soon mixed with the hooligans on the streets of the United States at that time. He also joined a gang and the most he did every day was to fight.There were a lot of fights and injuries, and once Guy had a perforated eardrum in a gang fight, and he didn’t have any money, so he ended up going deaf.If this had continued, Guy might have been one of the many punks in America who never stood a chance of becoming a war hero.Guy’s turn of fortune came at the age of 12.At the age of 12, Guy was adopted by a Japanese immigrant family, all of whom were kind to him, and he learned some simple Japanese as a result of living with Japanese people for so long.Guy felt the warmth of the family, and gradually became an ordinary person from a little hooligan.But it didn’t last long. After the United States entered world War II, the United States began to strictly control Japanese-Americans, so Gay’s adoptive parents were arrested by the American army.Having to live alone, Guy wanted to join the U.S. army and end the war so his adoptive parents could be released.However, when Gay was of military age and ready to join the army, he was rejected by the US Recruitment office. This was because Gay was malnourished from childhood. He was only 1.6cm tall, and he looked very weak next to most American soldiers.Although the draft had been relaxed because of the war, Guy was still physically unfit to join the army.Guy, an American soldier in World War II, pretended that he was fluent in Japanese and could help translate the Japanese during the battle.In fact, Guy only stayed with the Japanese family for about three years, so it was difficult to become proficient in Japanese.But the US army was short of men at the time, and when Guy said he knew Japanese, he took him.Little did anyone expect that in the battle of Saipan, this homely little soldier would perform a military miracle.Feel free to like and comment on my favorites.