Bitter poet feng Wolf wish everyone a happy Spring Festival

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Unconsciously, I have created more than one hundred words in the headlines, and my fans are close to two thousand. Thank you for always accompanying me, a poet who makes rude remarks.On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, seal the Wolf without humble gather together a poem to set off the festive atmosphere of the festival.The poet with a heart can note the difference between writing simple hymns and those old trash.Five laws · Steal huai Ran through the winter, yiyi Zi years old.Lingering wind blowing purple, Ze rain scattered jiangtian.According to qionggong, shun Lexuan.Steal huai Xin big country, chi industry each pavilion ran.Level water rhyme “country” word oblique tone (putonghua third tone or fourth tone at will, how to do it).Don’t understand their own check oh, such as “Shun music”, “zhi Ye”, “Ting Ran”.It’s kind of a eulogy, a eulogy to the emperor or to a time of peace.For example, the following one is more famous: and jia She early dynasty Daming Palace for Tang Wang Wei jiang A chicken headband to announce the dawn, still wear a green cloud qiu.6diadem 阊阖 Open palaces and royal diadem.The sun was in fairy palm move, cigarette near gun dragon float.In order to cut the five color zhao, wear the sound to the phoenix pool head.The works of praising virtues or simply praising have existed since ancient times. It is not forbidden to write, but don’t write “flattery” and “hurrah!” otherwise, they will become garbage old dry body!# Original poetry #