The deal hasn’t been completed yet, and Schroder showed up at rockets practice today to sign Brooks back

2022-04-26 0 By

Previously, the Rockets will theis traded to the Celtics for Schroder, Fernando and others.The four players involved are in the process of reporting for duty and undergoing medical examinations.Since the rockets and Celtics have three players whose contracts expire at the end of this season, they need to go through additional formalities to finalize the deal.So the rockets and celtics have yet to finalize their Dennis Schroder deal.Although the trade is not official, but Schroder today appeared at the Rockets practice, did not participate in practice.However, Schroeder and Fernando will follow the rockets to Utah.This is at least the third time in two or three days that the rockets have seen a trade made at the same time with another team every year where the other team’s player plays the next day.There is also the possibility that the rockets may have intentionally lost more games.Meanwhile, the rockets are interested in signing Brooks back.Brooks, who was waived by the rockets in the Tess trade, is now a free agent after coming out of clarification.Brooks has been approached by several teams and could re-sign with the Rockets.Brooks is empty shooting, no defense, his position has been replaced by Matthews, the rockets will only cause a backcourt overflow, the rockets should sign an inside or forward can be.