Rain today!Look at the spring scene of Bijie, boarding the eye of heaven

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Yin rain embellish delta above, advertising information such as crisp grass color it looks nearly no 0 43 points we have twenty-four solar terms today the second throttle rain in the east, all things recovery powder into water, ice and snow to rain in the spring rain moisturize and began to show the earth thriving scene Rain solar terms in the south, is known as the “syndrome” of arable, one which can be another spring.”Flowers section order, birds chirping agricultural”, at this time the first hou flower trade wind – cauliflower to the appointment.Villagers work in the fields at Guanzhai Village, Xiangshui Township, Jinhaihu New Area, Bijie City.With the arrival of spring, plum blossoms in yuqing City Ecological Park add spring scenery to the park.After the “rain”, the highest temperature in most areas of China can rise above 0℃, and the average temperature in many areas of south China is above 10℃.At this time, guizhou, golden rape flowers have been blooming in the fields, spring is in the air, we go out for a spring outing to enjoy the first wave of flowers in the upsurge, this opened the prelude.Rape field in Pilin village, Luo Xiang town, From Jiang County, Dong girls meet to take photos here.Photo by Pan Youting Tourists look at the rapeseed flowers along the Nayong River in Nayong County.The rape flower sea in Wanfenglin, Xingyi City is the earliest and most spectacular rape flower sea in Guizhou.Rain season, wanfenglin rape flowering is in full bloom, to the scenic area of tourists inside and outside an endless stream, or by car, or cycling, or by sightseeing car, visitors shuttle between the dazzling sea of flowers and beautiful spectacular peaks, leaving a dreamlike picture of the only beautiful.In Wanfenglin, Xingyi City, visitors walk among dazzling flowers and magnificent mountains.As the saying goes, “Spring rain is as precious as oil”. Appropriate precipitation is very important to the growth of crops.Before and after the rain, farmers in Guizhou have started to prepare for the production of spring ploughing. At this time, the most lively place in the village market is the agricultural materials store and seed store.Villagers buy seeds to prepare for spring ploughing in Longtai village, Tuxi Town, Fenggang County, Zunyi City.Photo/Luo Xinghan Villagers pick black fungus in Gaojiu Village, Xinghua Aquarium Township, Rongjiang County.Farmers are working in an agricultural industrial park in Suiyang Town, Fenggang County, Zunyi City.Photo by Luo Xinghan Selecting seeds, buying farm tools, turning the field…When the rain comes, farmers in the field to seize the opportunity, busy preparing for the plow, set off another spring plow production boom.We put the hope of the New Year in the spring, do a good job of spring ploughing preparation work, to lay a solid foundation for the harvest.Source: People’s Daily, day eye news editor: Ren Jiali editor: Zou Jiangchuan supervisor: Li Depin chief supervisor: Zhu Guanglun read the bottom remember to light up “praise” and yo