“Orchid Pavilion Collection Preface” by Wang Xizhi

2022-04-26 0 By

“Lanting Set Preface” regular script is one of the more I wrote, mainly based on the epitaph of Zhang Xuan in Wei Bei.I seldom practice regular script. I think if I enlarge my regular script, I can write a list book, and if I reduce it, I can naturally write regular script.Some time ago, I tried the practice of small script creation, and I think it is also desirable.Recently, because of the eye discomfort, has not written small.Today, see the group of friends xiao Kai beautiful, whim, to a Wang Xizhi “Orchid Pavilion set preface”.Impromptu with the edge of the paper, not arranged, the front is sparse, behind can only squeeze a squeeze, finally completed, the sign-off on the front to go.A finished, tears, is old?