“Auxiliary police” and “auxiliary police”, although there is only a word difference, but the salary is very different

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Now more and more students like the police job, not only can get rid of violence, but also work very stable treatment is very good, but after graduation can become a police is very few.However, it is still difficult for most of the students to pass the police academy, and the admission standard of the military academy is very high, so most of the students’ dream of police is broken.But “auxiliary police” and “auxiliary police” offer hope to ordinary students.”Auxiliary police” and “auxiliary police”, although there is only one word difference, but the salary is far from the “auxiliary police” and “auxiliary police” only one word difference, but the inside of the knowledge can be big, the students in the choice of time must polish eyes, do not choose wrong.They all work in uniform, but salaries vary widely.College students want to successfully enter the police school is very difficult, not only need to study very good grades, but also through the political examination and a variety of physical examination, only the inspection are qualified to have the opportunity to enter the police school study, so there are many students lost the dream of becoming a police.”Auxiliary police” and “auxiliary police” give students who are not so good at school a chance to wear uniforms. Many students directly choose “auxiliary police” or “auxiliary police” to serve the country after graduation. But do you know that your choice is correct?In fact, “auxiliary police” and “auxiliary police” do almost the same work, but it is said that there are really many.Auxiliary police officers have the opportunity to become regular police officers, and the pay is much better than “auxiliary police”.However, auxiliary police requirements for students will be higher, not only need students to have a basis in education, and their physical quality is also to pass the test.On the other hand, the association police does not have so many requirements, as long as the physical skills can be accepted.Students looking for work, be sure to polish eyes don’t be deceived by unscrupulous agencies there are quite a few students looking for work, will meet some unscrupulous agencies, they will use you for the “auxiliary police” and “police” without a clear cognition, neglect them students and parents, let the students lose the chance to really can be a police.Students must bear in mind, “auxiliary police” and “auxiliary police” their differences, do not be cheated by others.For auxiliary police, there is a clear understanding that the law enforcement powers of auxiliary police and auxiliary police are different. Although they are assisting the police in handling cases, auxiliary police have more power.When auxiliary police have special contributions, they will also be exceptionally admitted by the public security organs. Even if there is no special contribution, as long as the length of service is enough, students also have the opportunity to enter the formal division, while auxiliary police is almost impossible to become a regular officer.In special circumstances, auxiliary police have the right to exercise the power of police, but auxiliary police do not have any law enforcement power, can only be unilateral assistance, can not act alone.And there are a lot of unscrupulous organizations take advantage of the ignorance of students, confuse the concept of “auxiliary police” and “auxiliary police”.Auxiliary police and auxiliary police in the salary is also very different, auxiliary police pay better in addition to the problem of formal, there is the most important is also very concerned about the students, auxiliary police and auxiliary police pay problem, many students do not know auxiliary police and auxiliary police pay difference?Auxiliaries are not officially police, but they are paid about the same.There are all kinds of benefits, especially insurance.Auxiliary police’s insurance is the same as the treatment of the formal police, not only there are five insurances and one gold and all kinds of high temperature subsidies and so on, in addition to no formal arrangement of other with the formal police treatment is the same.But the association police is different, to say the unpleasant words, the association police is the security personnel, and signed by the company is not the public security organs, but a variety of security companies.Salary is very low do not say, and still do not have all sorts of safeguard, it is to say unemployed unemployed.The work of the auxiliary police is more insecure, so in the choice of students must be careful to learn.Next is the student itself, in the study, must study well, only have a degree can register for “auxiliary police”, the students do not want to take a shortcut, may accidentally will fall into the cheat pit.In the choice of college students in the choice of auxiliary police enthusiasm is also relatively high, after all, this is the distance from the formal part of the latest road, and still have the opportunity to enter the business, when auxiliary police can make up for the lack of students’ academic qualifications, although to work for a few years, but there is still hope.The author’s message: for learning is not good, even the police is a good job, in the work, the students should set an example, strict requirements of their own, for the country and the people to make an example.No matter what job it is, students should be conscientious and do their best.Today’s topic: Would you choose to work as an auxiliary or auxiliary police officer?