Walk less at home during the Spring Festival

2022-04-25 0 By

Looking back, this year is the third Spring Festival after the epidemic.Regular epidemic prevention and control has changed people’s way of thinking and behavior. For example, during the Spring Festival, people like to visit and pay New Year’s greetings, especially groups of close relatives.After the outbreak, people responded to the call for scientific epidemic prevention and stopped visiting, paying New Year’s greetings and gathering during the Spring Festival. This depends on self-discipline and reminders from relatives.According to health Times reports: From 0 to 24:00 on January 31, the Health Commission of Hebei Province reported 4 new confirmed local cases in Hebei Province, all in Gucheng County of Hengshui City.According to gucheng County health bureau, the four confirmed cases are from a family of four who drove home from Tianjin.At 12:00 am on February 1, the health Times reporter called the Gucheng County Health Bureau for consultation. The relevant staff told the reporter that it was the close connection and the sub-close connection of the confirmed case in Tianjin. The case has been isolated and has been negative for nucleic acid before.Judging from the activity of the confirmed case reported by relevant authorities in Gucheng County, the case even visited friends and relatives after returning home, bringing social risks to the epidemic prevention and control work.People are mobile.Normalizing epidemic prevention and control requires the joint efforts of everyone in society.It is the Spring Festival, so people should stay at home and walk less.