The seventh season of “Chinese Poetry Conference” hosted by Long Yang starts at 10:30 tonight, will you watch the live broadcast

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Just yesterday, the seventh season of “Chinese Poetry Conference” released a promotional video, in which the host is still Long Yang, so it can be concluded that the seventh season of the “Chinese Poetry Conference” host is long Yang undoubtedly.”Chinese Poetry Conference” started its first season of live broadcasting in 2016, and this year has come to its seventh year.The basic purpose of the program is to “appreciate Chinese poetry, find cultural genes, taste the beauty of life”. Through the competition and appreciation of the knowledge of poetry, we share the beauty of poetry, feel the interest of poetry, absorb nutrition from the wisdom and feelings of the ancients, and cultivate the soul.I hope more people can understand the beauty and essence of poetry, and at the same time let more people full of positive energy because of poetry.If nothing goes wrong, kang Zhen, Mengman, Li Bo, Yang Yu and other teachers will also come on stage to give us a feast of poetry.In the previous six issues, xiaobian is the most optimistic teacher Kang, he is really knowledgeable know especially much, and painting technology, each piece of work is amazing!Unlike previous seasons, the seventh season of The 2022 Chinese Poetry Conference dropped out of prime time and moved to 10:30 p.m., but the show remains a familiar formula.It is unclear why CCTV made such an arrangement, apparently without considering the Chinese market and the enthusiasm of the vast audience.Many people will go to bed after 10 o ‘clock, which will seriously affect the ratings, after all, many viewers do not like to watch reruns.Anyway, the seventh season of Chinese Poetry Conference is really here. What are the new highlights of this year’s poetry Conference?Let’s take a moment to understand from the program, now the question is, will you be waiting in front of the TV at 10:30 tonight to watch the first session of the seventh season of “Chinese Poetry Conference” hosted by Long Yang?You are welcome to say any poetry you think would be a good opening line!