The secret of dangerous Boss ‘life is revealed after he quits and runs away

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Le Xuan to push the book!Recently many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you are optimistic, remember to collect + attention, not afraid of book shortage again!Today small make up recommend to everybody: “dangerous boss” resign escape, calm life is broken, one’s life experience secret announces ~ the first “dangerous boss” author: Su Zi introduce: Christmas Eve, she encountered the most cruel and true nightmare in life, a seed is in abdomen bud quietly…Six years later, she enters He’s, but the boss in front of her is the man of that night.Resign to escape, that quiet life can continue – a car accident, but the son’s life secret revealed……Pit index: ★★★★★Summer in northern cities is relatively dry, xie Lanxi was sent by the company on a business trip, now just off the plane to the company, forehead is a thin layer of sweat, dry throat.The Hallmark Financial building loomed up in front of him, and the taxi stopped steadily at the door.The job assigned to her for business trip was one that no one in the department wanted to go to, because she was a newcomer who had just been in the company for less than three months and was still in the probation period.Wiping the sweat from her forehead, she hurried toward the building and was about to enter the lobby when her cell phone rang.Touch out to see the number shown above, the pace could not help slowing down, eyebrows curved, “baby, have to mom?””Well, AS soon as I open my eyes, I miss my mother so much!”The boy’s crisp voice spread dozens of kilometers of the line, listen to the lanxi ear soft, she smiled on the microphone, “I have let Aunt Ann set the train ticket, the day after tomorrow grandma can take you over.””Really?””Well!””Oh yeah, junjun can finally meet mom, it’s great!”Junjun Wenyan, who has been separated from her mother for nearly three months, immediately gave childish cheers from her mobile phone.Hung up the phone, the son’s clear voice is still in the ear, Xie Lanxi’s eyes soft like autumn water.After that nightmare six years ago, the small town that returns parents is in wants to escape, check out is pregnant however, terrified next do not know how good.At first, she did not want the child, but she almost had a miscarriage when she was three months old. Mother and son were close to each other. She seemed to feel that the child was losing a little bit in her body.But now, the nightmare has passed six years, with her son grew up day by day, she just want to work hard, hard to live, take good care of her son and parents!From the style of the revolving door walked in, she was surprised to see colleagues xiaoxi standing behind the false tree, quickly ran past, “Xiaoxi, how do you below, is not the seat manager worried?The plane is late, I’ve got the report ready, I’ll send it up to him!”Introduction: Tang Li falls in love with Shen Yan, but she has never thought of paying such a price.Killed her father, forced her to have an abortion, for another woman…She had nothing, and he found someone else.When they met again in five years, Tang Li vowed to repay him with blood!Love is not in season, you only gave me an empty joy…Tang Li stumbled to the ground with tears in her eyes. She even held Tang Wan’s arm vaguely and asked, “Brother, what’s wrong with dad?”Tang Wan sighed, “half a month ago we talked about a big project, but today we suddenly went back on our word and said we have a new partner. It’s Shen. Dad was drunk at that time.”Why?””Shen Yan has acquired 40% of the shares of our Tang family and is now the top director of our Tang family.””What on earth is he going to do?Tang Li’s eyes were still vacant, but tears fell down uncontrollably.”Sister, don’t you understand?Don Wan’s voice sounds like a barrier.”Understand what?”As the barrier vanished, the voice suddenly became shrill. “The Shens are deliberately bringing down the Tangs!”Tang Li didn’t remember how she got to the downstairs of Shen Shi Mansion, her mind was confused and her body was floating. When she got to the lobby on the first floor, she asked the receptionist to announce her appointment. The receptionist asked if she had an appointment.She entered the president’s elevator. The woman in the elevator mirror had a gray head and a bald face. The right side of her face was high and swollen, and her smile was worse than a ghost.The door of the president’s office was ajar. Tang Li was just about to open it and enter when she heard a familiar voice.”…If Don Van hadn’t drugged me, or…I won’t marry him…””Yan, I have the divorce papers ready. What about you? When are you going to divorce her?”Tang Li felt a little dizzy. One of the people inside the door was her husband and the other was her sister-in-law.But why? She couldn’t understand a word they were saying.Divorce with whom?That she, you mean she’s creepy?Tang Li clutched the knobs of the doorknob and shivered. Shen Yan’s faint voice was heard in her ear, “Wait until I change the legal representative of Tang to Shen Shi…”Tang Li suddenly opened the door, song Qing hands on the man’s shoulders, ambiguous posture, and Shen Yan is still sitting in the office chair.(Click on the card to read it for free.)Introduction: Miss Shen busy eating, sleeping, teaching scum how to be a man!Mr. Bo is too busy chasing Miss Shen, chasing Miss Shen, chasing Miss Shen!”Don’t they all say that CEO Bo is a modest gentleman?”Mr. Thin narrowed his eyes to lean on the sofa, the movement is idle and elegant, “lovely, call husband.”Mrs. Bo lifted her forehead and looked at that face — that cold, yet indispensable, look that was criminal!There is water on all sides.Overwhelming the ears, nose and throat.Shen Xingxing’s most fatal weakness, can’t swim.But now she was in the sea, and the salty water was in her lungs.The sea water in early spring was bitterly cold, and the fear of suffocation gradually enveloped her.Many people were now pouring out of the ship’s deck.The party tonight is mostly about the rich and famous.More than 20 people, although not many people, but the value added up to support a small piece of the city day.There is, though, a Bo syndicate.There was a storm on the sea at the moment. Raindrops the size of beans fell first, and within seconds it was pouring.The two figures falling into the sea are struggling!”Help…””Help…”Two cries for help were barely audible in the heavy rain.A tall black figure burst out of the crowd.The line of sight fell into the sea desperately struggling two people, junyi light heavy face at the moment full of panic.Without stopping, without even taking off his suit, he plunged into the icy sea.The heavy rain beat on the sea, blurred the vision, the man took a lot of effort, finally save a man.”Thousand soft, thousand soft, wake up…”The man was gasping for air, ignoring his confusion at the moment, crying anxiously to the woman who had been in a coma in her arms.It never occurred to me that there was another man in the sea…At that moment an anxious female voice suddenly shouted through the crowd — “Where are the stars?She was not called out by Shen Qianrou?!Her?!””Rightness!Shen Fanxing…Shen Xingxing also fell down!”Someone shouted in a panic, causing everyone on deck to gasp!Distant flashes of white lightning and thunder would have torn the night apart with the black sea.They all looked at the black sea where the waves were rising, and there was no sign of a struggle.Just said Shen Xingxing with Shen Qianrou fell into the water with the woman suddenly cried!”Stars can’t swim!!”At the moment holding Shen Qianrou man body suddenly suddenly a stiff.Yes, he did just see the stars.However, just at the moment when the woman’s cry fell, there was a sound of “plop” and another man jumped down…(Click the card to read it for free.) 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