The “half-naked male” singer has become a hit in Thailand, with some netizens saying he is as beautiful as Reba

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In recent days, Thailand is also a wave of heat in China. In addition to the Winter Olympics, Thailand’s top pop actress Reba was named the best actress in WETV.Reba was named best Actress on WETV because the two roles, Qiao Jingjing and Li Changge, are goddesses in China and are also popular in Thailand, with many netizens taking this opportunity to believe that Thailand and China have basically the same aesthetic values.However, the idea soon became popular in Thailand after a “half-naked man” singer, which completely blew the face of netizens who believe that China and Thailand have the same aesthetic.In Thailand is considered to be hot beautiful man singer PPkrit, first of all do not mention his own appearance is not surprising for heaven, only said this group of MV.The half-naked pose would be beautiful if matched with the muscle-covered physique of the video’s main character, but his figure is nothing but thin.And the photographer’s technology is not online, according to the singer’s original idea, should be to want a beautiful and sad style, but this group of photos will only let The Chinese audience feel greasy, hot eyes, it is no beauty.At the end of the MV, a boy in white was added, the meaning of the video seems to want them to stir up a sense of CP, but this action really makes the video fuel, the painting style is really hot to see.In one day, Thailand has been trending in China twice. The first time, the beauty Reba was rated as the best actress of WETV, and the second time, a “half-naked male” singer was rated as the goddess of beauty. Some Thai netizens even thought that he and Reba were the same level of beauty.Here to give you a popular science, in China is absolutely impossible to appear like this type of MV, because the censorship standards have a clear provision: do not allow rendering vulgar vulgar content.I don’t know who uploaded this video to the mainland website. At present, netizens basically reject this video. There is really a gap between Chinese and Thai aesthetics.Imagine if the video featured Chinese actresses like Yang Mi, Naza, Yang Ying and Ni Ni with high appearance standards. It would be totally acceptable to mainland Chinese netizens even if they wore such eye-catching costumes.To put it bluntly, boys don’t go with this sexy style. Most Chinese people want boys to be masculine, handsome and powerful, which is totally different from the style of the “half-naked man”.From Reba being named best Actress on Thailand’s WETV to the popularity of Thailand’s “half-naked man” singer, we can get a glimpse of the general beauty of Thailand.Thailand basically has the same aesthetic standards for men and women, while China has different standards, which is a kind of cultural collision.Welcome to leave a message to discuss, this article is only the author’s personal views, rational discussion, do not like spray.