Binzhou prosecutor: The first procurator appeared in court to support the prosecution

2022-04-25 0 By

On the morning of February 7, the trial of the defendant Geng Xx suspected of intentional injury was held. Liang Ning, acting chief procurator of Binzhou People’s Procuratorate, appeared in court to support the prosecution.Before the trial, Liang Ning carefully reviewed all the case materials, informed the parties of the relevant litigation rights and obligations, interrogated the defendant in accordance with the law, listen to the opinions of the victim.After Liang Ning argued for his interpretation for many times, the defendant finally made a voluntary confession and signed the letter of confession and punishment witnessed by the defense lawyer.In the court hearing, Liang Ning read out the indictment in accordance with the law, briefly presented the evidence, the focus on sentencing circumstances issued public prosecution opinion.The defendant had no objection to the criminal facts and charges charged by the procuratorial organ, and confessed voluntarily in court.After the trial, the judicial organ of the procuratorial organ to show evidence, proposed sentencing recommendations are adopted, and the court sentence, to intentional injury sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of two years and six months, sentenced to probation, probation test period of three years and six months.This case was the first case that Binzhou People’s Procuratorate appeared in court to support public prosecution after the Spring Festival, and it was also a miniature of the normalization and institutionalization of case handling led by the leaders of the court. It played an exemplary role in improving the quality and efficiency of the handling of guilty plea and punishment cases, and further stimulated the work enthusiasm of the procuratorial officers and police.In the New Year, we will seize the opportunity of the “Year of Quality Improvement” in procuratorial work, focus on high-quality development, comprehensively improve procuratorial capacity to perform their duties, and welcome the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress with concrete actions.Source: Binzhou People’s Procuratorate