The Lakers do a triple play on the no. 1 pick?Vogel shot himself in the foot and it’s his fault the city of Los Angeles is here

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Bryant has missed 17 games due to injury, and the lakers have been giving him a full workout as he has been in good shape in practice.Lakers coach Tony Vogel said he would use his former No. 1 pick, Lebron James and Dwight Howard as the team’s main rotation at center.Vogel made such a statement because the lakers have been playing small ball so well lately, and with such a lineup once rushed to the sixth seed in the Western Conference.But the lakers have not lived up to expectations so far this season, especially against the best teams.As the team’s head coach, Vogel’s poor on-the-spot command is one of the reasons for the lakers’ poor record.Vogel moved To the No. 5 spot at the start of the season in an effort to streamline the lakers’ game plan and create more variety.Although this adjustment has received a certain effect, but it also makes the eyebrows very uncomfortable.He doesn’t like to play center, and too much physical confrontation makes him lose his power in shooting from mid to long range. Finally, because of too much physical confrontation with opponents, he also has hidden danger of injury.In addition, Vogel also has a big problem in the front line.The lakers signed a number of swingmen this offseason, and with James at the no. 3 spot, the lakers have a huge matchup advantage at that position.Vogel, however, put Ariza back in the starting lineup when he returned, and since ariza is no longer the top-tier 3D player who helped the lakers win championships, he’s slow on the move and inconsistent on his shooting.The lakers agreed to a three-year, $32 million extension with Tucker this offseason, and the team sees him as a future priority.However, after receiving a large contract, Tucker’s performance again fell to the bottom, after he appeared, the lakers had no strategy on the court.Even so, Vogel likes to play Tucker in the clutch, and it’s often because of that rotation that the lakers lose games.Vogel’s small-ball strategy worked, but he didn’t include Westbrook in it.Westbrook’s productivity has declined rapidly since the lakers switched to a small-ball game, and he’s taken a lot of criticism lately, partly because of Vogel’s playbook.Vogel didn’t assign anyone to screen westbrook in his small-ball game, nor did he give him the ball, forcing Westbrook to try and shoot from the outside again and again.The lakers started the season with a luxury team, but halfway through the season, their playoff hopes were in jeopardy, and vogel, as the team’s head coach, was largely to blame.Vogel led the lakers to a championship in 2020, but in the last two seasons, vogel has shown his inability to adjust, making the lakers’ prowess a joke.