Shen Yuhua: Good boy, I accompany you to grow up on the way of growth

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point reporter Gong Yueyue planning collation editor’s note: “the day is not everywhere, youth just come;Moss flowers as small as rice, also like peony bloom.”This is true of most small rural schools.In the past of 2021, reporters from Yinan to Yuncheng, and then from Zhanhua to Yiyuan station, witnessed a lot of feelings of educators rooted in rural areas, they are trying to make up the gap with light, to help rural children better grow up.Family sitting, lights amiable, this is the ideal state of Spring Festival reunion.And in shandong, many small rural schools, countless rural principals and teachers are rushing to the hillside, remote rural students home, they want to use the precious winter vacation time, go to the children’s home, into the children’s heart.From now on, Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint “Youth Talk” column will launch “Village Principal/Teacher’s Winter Vacation Diary” successively, focusing on what rural teachers see, hear and feel during home visit, lighting up the dream of rural children and injecting power into rural revitalization.The following is the winter holiday diary of Shen Yuhua, head of Donggaozhuang Kindergarten, Nanma Street, Yiyuan County: January 22, 2022, light snow.Before I came to this village, I didn’t know how far it was.After one village after another, I gradually lost patience, I asked why I did not arrive, the teacher said, this is the farthest village from our kindergarten, in the west of our kindergarten, nearly 40 minutes by car.But I thought this county is this big, there is no place I have not been to?After a few turns, we also slowly found that something was wrong, even has been known as “navigation” teacher shook his head, we lost.It is really “the house leaks partial to meet overnight rain” ah, the sky floating snow.At this time of the year, snow often blocked the road, so we had to abandon the car and make inquiries as we went along.Walking on the mountain road, my heart has flown away.It seems to have arrived at the home of the child we are about to visit, I even thought of the child’s surprised expression, he certainly will not think of my arrival.Think of Xiaohua (pseudonym), my heart will have a sour heart.In my mind, this child has always been dirty, gray, but a pair of bright smiling eyes, will remind me of him unconsciously.This child is really sensible let a person feel distressed, he will smile in the eyes of adults often appear smart, some people say that the child is smart, but we do not know, only often meet one thing, will become a habit, only the bitter life, will let a child have adults smart.Xiaohua’s mom and dad are disabled, dad with hearing disability, mom has a mental disability, when a child nest in our arms listening to stories, when wanting to hug, xiaohua had already became the parents of crutch, on the way he grew up, he is lonely, is also a precocious, thinking, thinking, then we go to the home xiaohua.The child saw us from afar, pointed to me and introduced to his parents, “This is my principal mother, isn’t she beautiful?”At that time I was very distressed, see this child more sensible.He hurriedly took me by the hand and led me into the house, murmuring, “It’s very cold outside, let’s go into the house.”My heart has been repeating “it is very cold outside the garden mother, let’s go to the house” this sentence, seemingly very simple sentence, but in my heart set off a wave, is how many times to entertain guests, just let a six-year-old child say this sentence ah.Into the house, he saw a large family, not only his parents, and grandparents, all crowded into a room, grandparents have been asking us to sit down to rest, but we can not sit still, can only stand on the side.What are we tired of?The way we walk today is the way a kindergarten child walks every day.Although the heart is very bitter, we still want to bring hope to the family, with a smile to infect them, do not let them afraid of life.But I was scared, and I froze as grandpa took out the bottle.This was the medicine that the child had been taking, and it turned out that the child’s body was not as bright as his smile.I seem to see a sunflower swaying in the wind, even if the environment is not good, even if the soil is not enough nutrients, even if the branches and leaves are not lush, but he is still born to the sun.I came to Xiao Hua’s side and measured his height with my hand. I said to him, “Look, you are great. Your efforts to grow up are rewarding.Look, you’re so tall, you’re almost catching up with me, so come on.”Xiao Hua happily told me that he would grow very, very tall. He also secretly told me that he would be taller than his father and grandfather, so that he could become the tallest person in their family.I listened to the heart warm, he is not to do the highest person, but to do the backbone of the family ah.When we left, he stood at the door and waved to us, saying: “Principal mother, you must come again as a guest, then we will compete together, who is taller.”On the way back, the snow has become quiet, not flying all over the sky, but quietly sliding.Look at the roadside scenery, it seems that spring is coming, all things are growing, and it seems to see in the sunflower field, I am taller than the children.