In 2022, Lanzhou Intellectual Achievement Transformation Market will be launched and projects will be solicited in the first quarter

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China Gansu Network On February 9, lanzhou Evening News reported (reporter He Yan) recently, in order to give full play to the advantages of Lanzhou scientific and technological talent resources, and further promote the transformation of all kinds of scientific and technological achievements in Lanzhou, the municipal Committee of talent work leading group special meeting deliberated and passed the “Lanzhou intellectual achievements transformation market program”.According to the plan, Lanzhou will collect projects for the transformation of lanzhou’s intellectual achievements from all relevant units from today.Relevant results should be sent to the electronic version of Lanzhou Intellectual Achievement Collection Form to the mailbox of Achievements Department of Lanzhou Science and Technology Bureau before March 28.The purpose of lanzhou Intellectual Achievement Transformation Fair is to build a mechanism platform for the normal docking of technology, talents and capital according to the principle of “government guidance and multi-party participation”, centering on the development needs of the “four beams and eight pillars” industrial system, focusing on problems such as low conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements and “disjointed research and application”.Support in scientific research institutes, colleges and universities and high-level talent show regularly to promote a batch of high-quality scientific and technological achievements of the application prospect in the market, attract the city inside and outside the enterprises and Banks, investment Banks, funds and other financial institutions to come to talks, to further improve the mechanism of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements transfer to undertake, implementation results in promoting organic unity, technical requirements, willing to invest,To promote the successful transformation of a number of outstanding scientific and technological achievements in The Country.In principle, a special event will be organized every quarter, and each special event will have an independent industry theme, which will be carried out regularly throughout the year in the form of a series of activities.Among them, the theme is set by the municipal Bureau of Science and Technology on the transfer, development and reform, industry and information technology and other relevant departments, centering on the development direction of key industries, combined with the actual situation of scientific research activities in universities and research institutes in LAN, research and setting;The collection of achievements will focus on the theme of the special event, focusing on the scientific research institutes of universities and related high-level talents or teams in LAN, and extensively collect a batch of high-quality intellectual achievements with market application prospects.Evaluation warehousing, set up by experts from the science and technology, science and technology innovation, technology entrepreneurs agent advisory committee, and other relevant persons around technology and industrialization feasibility, key application prospect in the market, to collect to intellectual achievements focused assessment, and put forward the suggestion, on this basis, selecting qualified intellectual achievements,Integrated into lanzhou key intellectual achievements transformation project database.Followed by directional approach, by the municipal bureau of industry and technology bureau, the city, the city market supervision and administration bureau, the municipal government cooperation and communication office, the municipal government financial services office, lanzhou, lanzhou economic zone in the zone and related counties to cooperate, together around the focal point of library intellectual property, targeted to choose some companies and financial institutions such as Banks, investment Banks, fund orientation in promoting negotiations,Soliciting conversion or investment intention.At the same time, actively contact all kinds of media platforms, focus on the announcement of the special event for the whole society, and promote the intellectual achievements involved online, widely attract all kinds of enterprises and financial institutions to participate;For those willing to cooperate in the directional contact process, the invitation system will be adopted to participate; for those willing to cooperate in the public release process, the registration system will be adopted to participate.During the on-site negotiation, the intellectual achievements completion person or the team leader will carry out the road show recommendation, introduce the technical content of intellectual achievements and the application prospect of market transformation in detail, and carry out two-way docking and negotiation with relevant investors of enterprises and financial institutions on specific transformation matters.For an intellectual achievement that can be converted after consultation, an agreement shall be signed by the person who made the intellectual achievement and the investor for the transformation of the intellectual achievement to specify relevant responsibilities and rights.The Organization Department of municipal Party Committee shall supervise and urge the implementation of relevant preferential policies according to relevant regulations.The reporter learned that the signed and landed intellectual achievement transformation projects will be directly included in the next year’s municipal talent innovation and entrepreneurship projects or municipal key talent projects;In addition to the benefits of transformation, the individuals or teams who participate in the transformation of intellectual achievements can also enjoy corresponding policy rewards according to relevant regulations on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements;For the signed and landed transformation projects of intellectual achievements, if they conform to the relevant supporting policies of other municipal industries, science and technology, talents and so on, they shall be timely fulfilled in accordance with relevant supporting policies.Lanzhou Intellectual Achievement Transformation Fair is carried out under the unified leadership of the Talent work leading group of the Municipal Party Committee, led by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, with the participation of relevant municipal departments, districts and counties to jointly promote the local transformation of various intellectual achievements in Lanzhou.The activity plan requires all relevant units, districts and counties to implement dynamic tracking management of the activity, coordinate and solve all kinds of problems in a timely manner around the key links such as the collection of results, directional contact and activity release, so as to provide strong support for the development of the activity.The Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee will carry out timely supervision, and notify the situation of not closely tracking, not in place, and not obvious results.