The Great Wall, a large-scale cultural variety show of Inner Mongolia SATELLITE TV, starts at 19:35 on the fifth day of the first lunar month

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In today’s world, when people think of China, they think of the Great Wall.Mention Chinese civilization, will also think of the Great Wall.The Great Wall embodies the patriotic spirit of unity and unity.The national spirit of perseverance and unyielding self-improvement;Uphold the spirit of peace, openness and inclusiveness.It is the mission of every Chinese to protect national symbols, protect the spiritual roots and make the cultural heritage full of new vitality.Inner Mongolia satellite TV special planning to launch China’s first gear to the Great Wall as the theme of large-scale cultural variety show “the Great Wall long”, at the beginning of the idea, choose the “Great Wall” all nationalities in the sharing of the symbol and image of the Chinese culture, Chinese culture would call more people to carry forward the spirit of the Great Wall, pass patriotism, to the Great Wall, China, let the world understand China better,Understand the Chinese nation.February 5th, the fifth day of the first lunar month, every Saturday night 19:35, lock Inner Mongolia SATELLITE TV, “The Great Wall” take you through the ancient and modern, once again read the Great Wall this often read often new “big book”.Watch a national culture masters live to talk about the Great Wall is not a true man is he talking about Badaling?”Three times but not in” has something to do with Laoniuwan?Meng Jiangnv “cry down” is which section of the Great Wall……Li Bo, Mengman and Wang Jiyan talked about how much the Great Wall had been “contract”. Zhang Yukun, an expert on the Construction of the Great Wall, explained it rationally with engineering thinking.56 contestants, ranging in age from 7 to 71, tell stories about protecting the Great Wall.Among them were knowledgeable bloggers and up masters, excellent contestants who participated in famous cultural programs such as “The Brain”, “Wonderful Chinese Characters” and “Let’s Talk”, and li Jiang, the contestant of “China National Treasure Conference”, also came to the meeting wearing self-made armour, and Li Shixiang, “the most beautiful cultural relics protector”, showed a one-meter hand-painted map of the Great Wall on the spot.56 contestants, with the fate and love of the Great Wall, will tell stories while making progress. The Great Wall “cultural feast” will make your Spring Festival more interesting!Since September this year, the film team has been to 15 provinces and cities along the Great Wall in China to visit the Great Wall resources investigators and hold a joint meeting with several authoritative experts on the Great Wall.In terms of the accuracy and authority of the Great Wall knowledge presentation, the interestingness of the picture expression, and the topicality of the network communication, it has been designed and sorted out in an all-round way, striving to offer a cultural feast with connotation, interaction and high appearance level for the national TV audience.Watch four opening show reappearance of historical scenes choreographed opening dance show, reappearance zhaojun plug, grassland silk Road, the war of resistance with the Great Wall of historical scenes, with cultural experts live speech, atmosphere feeling full, generation into the sense of a strong, through the ancient and modern seems to be in that moment.21196.18km deep tour of the Great Wall: which wisdom and luck coexist the Great Wall “hero”, is about to start a whole year of travel good luck, we come together to witness!